Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Teacha Hit Me with a Ruler

Can some one please tell me why the teacher has expelled his Head Girl from out of the Gaza before the start of the new school year? After all it is not like she has disobeyed any of the Gaza commandments. For those of you not familiar with them:

no batty cauh fuck pon di gaza
no pussy cauh suck pon di gaza
no boy ball out informer.
we burn obeha swear to jah.
Gaza Commandments

Vybz Kartel

Clearly he didn’t say no cocky cauh suck pon di gaza. With that said following Hype’s performance at Sing her last as an Empire membr this statement was released by Mr. Palmer.

"Lisa Hype is no longer a part of the Portmore Empire. The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire. She is an incredible artist and we wish for her all the best in her future endeavors, but Lisa Hype will not play a future role in the Empire as she no longer fits in with our organizational goals as we move forward in 2010."
Adidja "Vybz Kartel" Palmer

Wonder what poor Miss Felicia Gooden is going to do about all the Gaza ink she acquired in her short stay in the Empire. Maybe a benefit concert for her laser surgery? Not long after she released the following statement:
“I've just been released from my contract with the Portmore Empire but even though I am no longer the first lady of the Gaza, mi still ah say Gaza. Death before dishonour.
Mi nuh haffi be a part of the Empire fi still say Gaza. Gaza means fight for what you believe in and never give up...never say die. In every setback, there is an opportunity fi grow and right now, mi not going to stop, ah persistence mi say...all mi name change, my new name is Lisa HYPER. As a solo artist, mi can explore new directions, new challenges, and new freedoms, mi ah go mek it. I want to thank everyone at Portmore Empire for the love and support they’ve shown me and to the Teacha especially who enlightened me to nuff tings inna the world. Mi love everybody same way, nothing no change, memba say mi ah the first lady fi put Gaza pon mi knuckles and Empire pon mi neck . Mi wish everybody the best. Gaza fi life. Gaza till death.”
Felicia "Lisa Hyper"Gooden

The ‘R’ at the end makes all the difference you know. All the best Miss Hyper.

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