Monday, January 4, 2010

Bounty Killer Apologize to Shaggy and Friends

Cross! Hangry! Miserable! Too bad no one told Grung Gad that it wasn’t still Sting 09 but the nice little uptown Shaggy and Friends party (January 2, 2010,). The debacle took place when Mavado who was suppose to make a pledge invited Bounty Killa to share the stage and it all went down hill from there. Bounty who had a few choice words regarding homosexuals which it is felt caused promoters to pull the plug on the concert a head of time. However promoters denies closing the show due to the Five Star General’s tirade, sure because patrons would pay JA$30,000- $5,000 to go home early.

Bounty Killer has since released an apology:

After nearly 20 years at the top of the Jamaican music industry I have been involved in many battles - sometimes with fellow artists, sometimes with outside forces and sometimes with the state and its politicians. I've learnt to choose my battles wisely and the grounds upon which to fight them.

I've also learnt when to admit I didnt choose my ground wisely and Saturday night's Shaggy & Friends' show was one of those occasions. With so many politicians and members of the upper echelons of corporate Jamaica present, an audience I rarely get the ears of, I got caught up in the moment while expressing myself. I now realise it was inappropriate and extend my apologies to Shaggy, his sponsors, benefactors and all in attendance who were offended by my performance.

Alliance made a pledge to donate $250,000 to the cause and we will follow through on that promise and continue to support Shaggy and answer his call whenever he reaches out.


  1. The hipocrisy is totally out of control! So, Bounty Killa can and should feel perfectly free to harangue some Jamaicans with his foolishness, but must show respect for others, who by their social location are entitled to such? Says a lot about why the violence and ignorance of DJ's is tolerated and even encouraged by their "uptown" fans, doesn't it?

  2. Would Bounty extend the same type of applogy to his international shows?

  3. Glad to know that Bounty apologised. I think it is a well written one. Congrats Bounty and congrats Shaggy.

  4. Mr. Bounty boy is a punk ass. He beats women and gets in fights wherever he is. Someone should lock his dumbass in jail and throw away the key. I used to like his music until I found out what a little bitch he is. i think everyone should stop buying his garbage albums to tech his stupid ass a lesson. I would liek to teach him my own little lesson!!!!! F YOU Bounty BOIIEEEE!!!!!