Monday, August 31, 2009

3 Years in Kingston

Known for copious amounts of scantily clad nubile wenches, more gun porn to make Charlton Heston get his old shrivelled rocks off and frozen moment of famous people, people who think they are famous and oh yes LA Lewis, the Afflictedyard chronicles the life of sweet stinking Jamaica in all its grimy and beautiful brilliance. You know, not your typical Jamaica Tourist Board experience. For some time there has been rumblings of a book, but three years on and still nothing to grace the tops of your naked coffee tables-oooh coffee good. The book contains much editorial collaboration with the sexy Germans form Seen that makes for a cleaner better product.
It seems however that all the waiting will soon be coming to an end. Now the many years in the wilderness, living the life of the underground sensation will be swapped for the good life of a successful artist as talks of a possible drop date so close it makes you simply itch with excitement. As the much anticipated book may make an appearance at the upcoming New York gallery showing of selected pieces from the Afflictedyard.

Still No Gay Love For the Banton

Update: AEG and Live Nation, the firms that run Club Nokia and the House of Blues franchise, have each canceled Buju Banton's tour dates in Los Angeles at Club Nokia on Oct. 14, San Francisco (Oct. 10), Philadelphia (Sept. 12), Chicago (Oct.1), Las Vegas (Oct. 15), Dallas (Oct. 20) and Houston (Oct. 22)

When reggae artist Buju Banton booked a show at the Highlands club in Hollywood in 2006, protests from the L.A. gay and lesbian community were louder than the music.

Banton, the popular Jamaican dance-hall singer, has drawn the ire of gay activist groups for years, in large part because of the violently homophobic lyrics of his 1992 single “Boom Bye Bye,” which proposes pouring acid on homosexuals and shooting them in the head. Local black and gay advocacy groups successfully protested Banton’s show, leading to its cancellation at Highlands, though it was eventually re-booked at the Century Club.

This October, however, Banton is again booked to play a high-profile concert, at Club Nokia in downtown L.A. Some of the same activist groups are working to get Banton’s show canceled.

“We’re disappointed that even after we’ve so clearly expressed how we feel about this, it would all be ignored now,” said Thomas Soule, communications manager for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. “To schedule him again really feels like disregard for the community.”

Banton has attempted to distance himself from the lyrics of “Boom Bye Bye” in recent years, and now presents himself as a more spiritual and Rasta-centric songwriter. To some reggae fans, pressure to prevent Banton from playing amounts to censorship, while gay activist groups see Banton’s songs as hate speech, an example of an ugly undercurrent of homophobia in some reggae music.

Michael Roth, vice president of communications for AEG, the venue's owner, gave this statement regarding Banton’s concert:

We are aware of the concerns that were brought to our attention this week with regards to Buju Banton’s October appearance. We are reaching out to the artist, artist management and the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center to satisfactorily resolve the issues that have been presented.

In more recent shows, Banton has performed parts of “Boom Bye Bye,” but claimed to use it as a starting point for a conversation about the controversy surrounding it. In a complicating twist, he was tried and acquitted on charges that he participated in the beating of six gay men by a gang in Jamaica in 2004.

It’s yet unclear what steps AEG will take to address the concerns surrounding the show. But for Soule, Banton himself is one voice conspicuously missing from the conversation.

“I would imagine that a public statement moving away from that would go a long way,” Soule said. “If he says he’s all for peace today, well, peace for whom?”

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flippa Meets Ele at Summer Fest


A line-up of top reggae/dancehall artistes have been confirmed for Philly Summer Fest to be held on September 7 at the Wallstreet Courtyard in Philadelphia, USA.

Staged by the King of Flossing, Flippa Mafia, in association with Flip Money Records, Summer Fest is advertised as the show to close the summer in fine, floss-as-you-never-flossed-before style.

"It's all about Summer Fest. We have the place locked and it will be pure fun and flossing," Flippa Mafia promised.

He added with a smile, "Don't watch the song-for-song thing with me and Ele. It's all about music and musical vibes. Elephant Man is scheduled to perform on Summer Fest and nothing has changed."

Among the artistes on the line-up are Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Lady Saw, Assassin, Tony Matterhorn, Ding Dong and Flippa himself.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Konnichiwa Bitches!

A crowd the size of Reggae Sumfest came out to the AICHI Reggae Breeze Festival yesterday to see Mavado Saturday night August 22, 2009. Thousands and thousands of Japanese Reggae and Dancehall fans flocked to the beach for what can only be described as a cross between Sumfest and Fully Loaded.

Thousands of miles away from home, Jamaican culture was alive and kicking as sound systems pumped out everything from Garnet Silk to Bounty Killer, surrounded by stalls selling Jerk chicken and Ital stew! Japanese Dancehall acts and selectors warmed up the crowd but when Mavado hit the stage the energy level was cosmic. The huge crowd hung on Mavado's every word and went ballistic from start to finish. During his performance Mavado introduced Gully Squad members Flexxx and Chase Cross who both received a rapturous welcome from the Japanese crowd.

"Its a great feeling to travel so far from Jamaica and be shown so much love from another country," said a tired Mavado after giving his all at the show. "It shows the power of our music and culture and we need to keep using it and representing it positively. I'm having a great experience in Japan and will definitely be back soon."

The tour moves on to Nagoya for a beach festival Saturday night, before moving on to the Kyushu Music Festival on Sunday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Das ist Berlin

It seems the German people have become even more enamored by the speed and antics of our golden boy Usain Bolt-I didn’t think that could be possible. On Sunday August 23rd during the closing ceremony of the 12th IAAF World Track and Field Championships the track star was presented with an original segment of the Berlin Wall. The not so small token measures 3.6 meters (12 feet) high and weighs 2.7 metric tons. A special company will deliver the present to Bolt’s training camp in Jamaica.

The monumental token was presented to Bolt by Klaus Wowereit the Governing Mayor of Berlin and president of the Organising Committee for the World Championships. The fa├žade is decorated with a life-size painting of Bolt running on the blue track of the Olympic stadium and the words "NEW WR" _ new world record. Very appropriate for an athlete whose world records in the 100 at 9.58 seconds and 19.19 in the 200 meters shattering the apparent limits of human performance in this 20th year since the fall of an enormous barrier to human interaction.
The wall, which once divided communist East Berlin from West Berlin between 1961 and 1989 was both a physical and symbolic representation of the Iron Curtain. The Berlin Wall was more than 140 kilometres (87 mi) long. In June 1962, a second, parallel fence some 100 metres (110 yd) farther into East German territory was built, it completely encircled West Berlin, separating it from East Germany, including East Berlin. Until 1989 it stood as arguabley the most visable and hated feautre of the cold war(1945–1991).
Bolt’s response to the gift was "I will never forget Berlin," he said at the ceremony. "Ich bin ein Berlino."

No doubt the one of a kind gift bears much significance in both the career of our young athlete and the history of a very old county, forever bonding us in a shared moment. The only problem is this is the country that gave us Marlene Dietrich and a host of other beautiful and iconic images and people. Now why did they have to give such an ugly representation of a beautiful gift? As a friend said maybe it was done by the people at MTV because it certainly looks more like Beavis than Bolt. Maybe it's just me but it just feels like a bad Christmas sweater from your Gran Gran or getting a suckie game for your birthday that bums you out. Don’t worry too much Berlin, we understand that it’s the thought that counts.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flippa Mafia vs Elephant Man

In the long history of Dancehall feuds the new beef seems to be between Elephant man and Flippa Mafia. Not much seems to be off limits for these two from who is a snitch to who is cheap when it comes to doling out cash to the females, to who has a penchant for men in drag. Usually Elephant man had been able to distance himself from much of the Passa Passa in the business maintaining his image as the Energy God, however leave it to the Flossing King to call him out. Let’s see how this one goes.



We await your response Elephant man.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bolt Breaks 200m Record

Story from BBC SPORT:

Jamaican sprint superstar Usain Bolt claimed yet another world record as he recorded a stunning victory in the 200m final at the World Championships.
Bolt set a time of 19.19 seconds to demolish the previous record of 19.30 he set in winning Olympic gold last summer in Beijing.
The 22-year-old finished well clear of the field, with silver medallist Alonso Edward finishing in 19.81.
Wallace Spearmon of the United States took bronze.
Bolt, who also smashed the 100m record in Berlin on Sunday, is now the first man to hold the 100 and 200m world and Olympic titles at the same time.
After a nervy opening which saw Frenchman David Alerte false start, Bolt streaked off the blocks and took the lead within 20m.
He put on the afterburners around the bend to leave the chasing pack trailing in his wake and after storming over the line, Bolt glanced down to the electronic display and pointed at his historic time.
Earlier in the week Bolt had said he did not think a 200m record was on after missing a month of training earlier this year following a car crash in Jamaica.
And after the 200m Bolt told BBC Sport: "I can definitely say I didn't expect that because I was a little bit tired.
"I said let's try because people are really looking out for this, I said it won't hurt to try. So I tried really hard and now I'm really tired.
"Maybe next time I should just run the 200m or the 100m alone. My form was going backwards. I wasn't running upright. It wasn't a good race but it was a fast one."
Bolt, who completed his 200m win a day before his 23rd birthday, set three world records when winning his Olympic golds in Beijing last summer and his breathtaking performances in Berlin have enhanced his reputation as the best sprinter of all time.
"I definitely showed people that my world records in Beijing were not a joke," he said.
And Bolt said he is closing in on his aim of becoming a sprinter the world will never forget.
"I keep telling you guys my aim is to become a legend," he added. "I don't think about records. I don't put myself under pressure. I know what to do and I go and execute.
"I did well for myself and I am on my way to becoming a legend so I am just happy."
America's Shawn Crawford, who finished fourth, admitted he was left in awe by Bolt's display.
"Just coming out there, I'm just waiting for the lights to flash 'game over,' because I felt like I was in a video game," said Crawford. "That guy was moving - fast."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jamaica to the Universe

By Leonard David's Space Insider Columnist

Here's a truly long-distance aimed more than 20 light-years away.
A new Web site in Australia is gathering text messages from around the world, all to be beamed to a distant alien planet called Gliese 581d.
The clock is ticking to submit text messages of no longer than 160 characters – perhaps a signal that extraterrestrial life may have a case of attention deficit disorder. The project - called "Hello From Earth" - ( ends Aug. 24.
Once the communiques are amassed, they will be transmitted from NASA's Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex at Tidbinbilla.
The dispatched messages will join other "outworldly" attempts to reach out and touch ET, such as Pioneers 10 and 11 launched in the 1970s, each carried small metal plaques identifying their time and place of origin for the benefit of any other spacefarers that might find them in the distant future.
Following the Pioneer spacecraft, NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 were both imbued with a more ambitious message, intended to communicate a story of our world to extraterrestrials. Those Voyager probes are toting a phonograph record - a gold-plated copper disk containing sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth.
Just last year, NASA broadcast the music of the Beatles to Polaris, the North Star. For this, the space agency used the 210-foot (64-meter) Deep Space Network antenna near Madrid, Spain. And years before that, Jamaican musician Bob Marley and his reggae rhythms were sent spaceward via a private venture called Cosmic Call.

The "Hello From Earth" site is a National Science Week initiative of the Australian science magazine, Cosmos. The project is also a salute to the International Year of Astronomy. Additional support for the undertaking includes that country's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, NASA, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Post-Detection Committee of the International Academy of Astronautics.
Kick-starting the initiative, Australian Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, entered the first message:
"Hello from Australia on the planet we call Earth. These messages express our people's dreams for the future. We want to share those dreams with you."
Other e-mails are pouring in, such as this one from Santiago, Chile:
"We're trying to get over wars [on] our planet, but greed is greater that our dreams. Lots of us know that this is wrong and won't give up! Hugs from little blue."
From Ponce, Puerto Rico:
"I should be alive when you get this, come find me I have a lot of questions to ask!"
And from one enterprising soul in Liege, Belgium:
"Hi ET! We're a company...looking to extend our market...any opportunity to do some business with you? Special price for you!"

Conditions for life
The planet on the receiving end of all this radio waving — Gliese 581d — is eight times the size of Earth and some 20.3 light-years away. That exoplanet was discovered in April 2007. Because of its size, the far-away world is labeled as a "Super Earth."
In discussing the website, Cosmos editor, Wilson da Silva, points out: "We don't know if there's life on Gliese 581d and we don't even know if there's a technical civilization capable of detecting our signal. But we do know that it might have the conditions for life. And as soon as the conditions for life existed on Earth, life emerged."
Da Silva adds that even under stellar express conditions, the signal won't arrive until around December 2029.
"And the question is...will we get a reply? No one knows...but why don't we send a message and find out?" adds Jacqui Hayes, assistant editor for Cosmos magazine.
If you want to jump onto the bandwidth wagon, you can send your text message to another world by going to:

(I came across this article and found it pretty interesting. Given all the wonderful things Jamaicans are achieving in the world right now I thought that it might be appropriate for some of you to send something out to space. Tell them we have their speed child here and we call him Bolt and he is doing well and breaking all kinds of records. The least you can do is invite them to Sting 2029 or the wicked New Year party you and your friends keep on lane every year. Would be a great idea to show them a hell of a party before they turn the world into a H. G. Wells novel.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

9.58 for Bolt

Article from:

One day Usain Bolt is going to do something that a normal human being might do. He'll spill his tea, or drop his chicken nuggets, or trip over his shoelaces.

One day. For now, he astonishes and astounds with everything he does. Maurice Greene, a former 100m world champion and world record holder, summed it up beautifully: "The Earth stopped for a second, and he went to Mars."

Almost exactly 73 years ago in this Olympiastadion, Jesse Owens produced an athletic performance that made sporting history. Before Sunday night, it seemed impossible that anyone could ever match those deeds.

That was before 9.58 seconds. That was before Usain landed.

Sometimes with moments like this it's the small details that can be the most revealing. Tyson Gay ran 9.71 secs and was nowhere. Well, second. That's the fastest an American has ever run, a time that would have won every other world championship there's been by a massive margin.

Bolt wins races by the sort of distance that would be considered a spanking in a 400m contest. He behaves in a manner that the sport has never seen before, and then runs times that no-one believed they would ever see.

Greene reckoned he might one day see a low 9.6 but never a 9.5. His predecessor as the fastest man in history, Donovan Bailey, thought the same.

When Bolt ran 9.69 secs last summer in Beijing, even that seemed an impossible time. To take another 11 hundredths of a second off that defies logic, history and everyone else's biology.
The world record has never before been broken by a margin that big, not in the modern era of computerised timing. Five men have never before run under 9.93 seconds in the same race.

The greatest 100m in history? Surely. The greatest sprinter ever? Unquestionably.

Standing on the start-line, Bolt seemed to know what was coming. As Gay twitched and jumped and sweated alongside him, dwarfed both physically and emotionally, Bolt pretended to play some imaginary drums. When the television camera arrived in front on him he winked. "I'm ready," he yelled. "Are you ready? Let's go!"

Every man, woman and child in the place was already on their feet. Portentous music boomed over the masive stadium speakers. My hands were shaking and my legs jiggling, yet somehow Bolt was laughing and horsing around.

Crouched on the blocks in his yellow vest and long green shorts, the smile finally slid off his face. A bang, an explosion of long limbs and a handful of flashing footfalls later, it was back and bigger than ever.

There was pandemonium. All anyone could look at were Bolt's dancing orange spikes and the bright yellow numbers on the scoreboards all round the track: 9.58.

People swore. Some clutched their heads. Others looked at their neighbours with open mouths and gaped like goldfish.

It took a while for anyone to ask who came second, or who came third. No-one could remember, transfixed by the image of Bolt glancing left as he crossed the line, searching for his time, and then beating his chest with wild tribal celebrations.

Up in the BBC commentary box, Michael Johnson, the last sprinter before Bolt to create the kinds of waves we are seeing now, struggled to get his jaw working. "We've never seen anything like him, and I'm not sure we'll ever see anything like him again," he said finally.

"It's truly unbelievable what he can do. I think about the people who have to run against him, and I'm glad I'm not one of them."

Before the final, Bolt had made prescient reference to Owens' deeds in the last century. "Jesse made history here, so I'm going to try to do the same," he said.

While the social and political environments in which the two men raced are unrecognisable, as are the substances under their feet - cinders then, blue artifical track now - there are eerie and unmistakable parallels between the pair.

Both first came to the world's attention as callow teenagers at school. Owens equalled the world record for the 100-yard dash while still a student at East Technical High in Cleveland; Bolt won the 200m at the world junior championships as a 15-year-old boy.

Both were 21 years of age when they began to destroy the record books. Owens, famously, set three world records and equalled another in a period of just 45 minutes at the Big Ten meet in Michigan; Bolt blew apart both 100m and 200m world records in five unforgettable days in Beijing.

Both then went on, at the identical age of 22, to astonish the world on a warm August day in Berlin.

Hell, there are even spooky similarities when it comes to their spikes. In 1936, Owens was visited before his final by a German named Adi Dassler, who persuaded him to wear a pair of shoes made by his company Adidas. It was the first endorsement deal an Afro-American athlete had ever been offered.

Fast forward through the years and Bolt has the most lucrative shoe deal ever seen in athletics. The suppliers? Puma, the company founded by Adi's brother Rudi, partly as a result of the money generated by Owens' deeds.

When Bolt was driven out of the Olympiastadion on Sunday night, hundreds of fans sprinting after his exhaust fumes, it was down a road re-named Jesse-Owens-Allee.

It might be time to build another alongside it. Usain Strasse, or maybe Bolt Boulevard. And there will be no speed limit.

Champions in Action 2009

Article from:

The sight of Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel on the Jamworld stage battling a barrage of boos this morning underlined the mood of the nation since Sumfest - that the majority has definitely swung to Alliance/Gully.
In the wake of Killer's lyrical bullets that have pierced Vybz Kartel's armour and delivered crushing blows in recent days, the Champions in Action crowd was anticipating the 5 Star General's performance and he did not disappoint. This show will go down in history as Bounty Killer and Mavado had the crowd in utter pandemonium at around 7am Sunday morning.
During their performance Vybz Kartel could take it no longer and left Beenie on stage to face the boos alone, and despite the boos growing in decibels and Beenie's attempts to draw out the show and force the people to tire and leave, not one person walked out of Jamworld until they got what they came for: the Alliance in full effect.
While Kartel's amateurish ability to perform with live band Ruff Kut was exposed, Anger Management band provided the energy that drove the Alliance's memorable appearance. It was a bad night for the Gaza crew as earlier Blak Ryno and Jah Vinci were also soundly booed and was a stark contrast to the constant huge forwards that greeted every word and melody from both Bounty Killer and Mavado. It evoked memories of Bounty Killer's 96 Sting performances in the sun-hot that was as fiery as the morning temperature.
During their set Mavado called on stage Chase Cross, Flex and Einstein, who have also stolen the march on the Gaza young acts with their current dancehall hits, and the forwards didn't drop a notch as they proved that the Alliance hit factory, that ironically gave birth to Vybz Kartel, shows no sign of slowing.
As the crowd streamed out of Jamworld triumphant Alliance/Gully fans were in loud and buoyant mood. From the sound of the disgruntled Gaza fans, head bowed and stride slowed, coupled with the less than lukewarm response to Kartel's reply to Killer's diss songs, seem to be returning to from whence they came - Alliance.
Earlier Beenie Man seemed to be very aware of what was to unfold at Champions in Action as he approached the Alliance management at Jamworld with a plea for Mavado to appear on his Sizzle show next week. With the chemistry between him and Kartel fizzling more than sizzling after this outing it seems unlikely the two of them will take the stage together again. Kartel will not want to be wounded again by the boos that were initially brought on by Beenie.
All in all it was another great staging of Champions in Action by the Presidential Click and the children of West Kingston will benefit from the generosity of the organisation at the upcoming back-to-school treat. As Beenie and Kartel have a week to regroup for Sizzle this coming weekend in Kingston, Mavado is off to Japan and the Killer moves to another favourite Alliance stomping ground, the UK.

(Just so you all know found this piece obviously leaning to a particular side. For clarification it was Beenie Man who was booed and not really Kartel. I don’t want to mislead my babies^_^)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vybz Kartel Responds To Bounty Killer's Song

Article from:

Vybz Kartel destroyed Bounty Killer's lyrical jibe in a song dubbed 'Vybz Kartel -- Bownty's Killa' where he threatens 'anywhere mi see yu Killa, mi ah go shotta box'. He also makes references to Killa's oral abilities with stinging lines calling him an informer in the infamous Rat Bat Seaview episode, reveals intimate details of Killa's exploits with an ex-girl Peaches, calls him a plagiarist for stealing Spragga Benz's diss song and generally makes fun of the Warlord's street credibility.
Kartel starts off strong with a stinging series of lines:

How yu fi say yu nuh waan gal weh freaky?
Killer? Weh used to nyam Milk pussy weekly
Shorty never tell the pussy nothing bout no pee pee
But Angel tell everybody say yu suck it like sweetie

Kartel’s scorched earth policy means that he uses any item in his ‘Killer file’ to dismantle the Warlord’s reputation, using name-dropping Bounty’s former flames into the diss song at will. Check it: “Peaches tell me say yu nyam under her till yu belch when it digest. BURP” and “Kedine from Havendale say yu a shark, regular she shit inna yu mouth and fart”. When he delivers those lines, they don’t sound like inventive disses but bonafide facts he has access to because of his status as a superstar who knows these groupies personally.

He also finds a way to weave in former friends such as Bling Dawg and Wayne Marshall into the fabric of his song. He takes a stab at Bling when he deejays: If yu see batty inna the centre, yu faggy/Ah Bling Dawg brief yu tek off, not baggy. Wayne Marshall also gets a sidehanded diss as well as he deejays: Listen back the Schoolbus style/Don’t fuck inna the school bus, mi tell the chile/Killa, yu ears clog up with Marshall cocky oil/The Teacha anno paedophile.

Kartel has the full file on all the Alliance secrets, compiled when he was a member of the crew. He drops an allegation that is as disgusting as it is vile when he deejays: True Angel go siddown pon a next man peg /Killa, yu go hear and go frass inna yu head/ yu go ah the gal yard go shit pon her head/ who don’t believe Kartel, ask Angel.

He defends his songs, from Don’t Fuck Inna the School Bus to Pussy Pathologist to Virginity with wicked glee as he smears Killer’s already-blackened rep, but why the hell are you reading this when you could have been listening to the song.

And So It Begins…Again

Just in time for Champions in Action it starts, however I bet all of this is going to culminate at Sting 09.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Renaissance Anniversary vs Champions in Action

What the hell are you gonna do tomorrow? Well if there is no rain to kill your need to go out and have a life two really interesting events will reign supreme over anything else you have planned for August 15th. Renaissance Disco celebrates 20 years of giving the people what they want. 20 years of crazy parties and quality juggling. DJ’s such as Delano and the rest of the Renaissance family and friends should have patrons dancing the night away as they reminisce on their favorite moments in the sound systems long and colourful career. Dubbed the Double Decade the event happens over by the Palisadoes Go Cart Track by the Norman Manley Airport.

Champions in Action shares the night with the Renaissance Party but with a line up that has many lauding as better than Sumfest no doubt will have patrons in a quandary where to go. With a line up that includes members of the Alliance and Portmore Empire, Capleton, Anthony B and Sizzla who were missing and missed at Reggae Sumfest 2009, should make for a very interesting show. Other artistes of note include Beenie Man Elephant Man, Pampute, Assassin, I-Wayne, Queen Ifrika, Andrew & Wada Blood and so much more. Champions in Action is perhaps the most complete stage show of recent times. As usual a percentage of the proceeds will go towards the West Kingston back-to-school treat, for the children of the inner-city communities in that region, regardless of political persuasion, another positive reason to support this historic event.

Things should be interesting to say the least, especially seeing as this will be the first place Bounty Killa will meet Vybz Kartel after the release of the song Chatta Box. One thing for certain regardless of what goes on onstage security at Jamworld will be in tip top form as patrons have come to expect with events held by the Presidential Click

Bounty Answers Kartel

Article from:

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter
Bounty kill has respondedto the piles of insults Vybz Kartel has thrown at him with a song called Chatta Box.
Speaking on Bounty Killer's behalf, his manager Julian Jones-Griffith said the song was recorded on Tuesday night.
"Kartel do a song seh Bounty can't diss him, so Killer just a show him seh him can if him want to. Is just a reminder seh it still inna him blood. It's not a counteraction, it's a correction," Jones-Griffith told THE STAR, in reference to Vybz Kartel's songs like Seh Weh Mi Feel Fi Seh and When Since.
"Kartel mek up things bout Killer but Killer nuh inna dat, him just point out things inna Kartel song weh people a talk bout. Just a reminder seh Bounty can be the 'Warlord' anytime he wants to."
bleach-out face bwoy
Bounty Killer's song, which has already been getting many plays on the Internet, is rather graphic. From as early as the intro he describes Vybz Kartel as "alien-looking, deformed, hunch-back, bleach-out face bwoy". There were also lines in the song which question many of Vybz Kartel's lyrics.
In the song he continued, "Seh weh yuh feel fi seh/ Mi mek yuh career, don't think I won't spoil it/ Stop chew pon mi name like sweetie".
He goes on to chastise Kartel for his songs in which he was speaking about kids having sex in buses and taking a girl's virginity. "... me see yuh tendency, yuh love virginity and teenage pregnancy," he deejays.

The song comes as a surprise because right after Sumfest Bounty Killer did an interview on a local television station in which he was denouncing the 'Gully' and 'Gaza' violence among fans of Mavado and Vybz Kartel, respectively. He also said both artistes should go on television and hug each other to show their fans that they should not be at war.
At many recent stage shows, Bounty Killer has been saying that he has no intentions of clashing anyone and was no longer in the 'war mode'.
On Sumfest Dancehall Night in July he said, "Little boy things I did, I do them no more. I am a man."
balancing the equation
And, at last Saturday's Appleton Temptation Live, Bounty Killer said, "Negril mi do some bad things inna di past fi serve mi fi a lifetime, so now I'm just balancing the equation with some good stuff."
However, Jones-Griffith said Bounty Killer would not be doing another song of this nature.
"It's not a long-term thing, so it's not gonna continue. It is just something for the fans, but we just keeping it within the realms of music," Jones-Griffith said.
However, he said Bounty Killer would not be involved in any clashes with Vybz Kartel, nor would he do a counteraction if Vybz Kartel counteracts Chatta Box.
"Kartel bound to come with something, me surprised seh him nuh do nutten yet," Jones-Griffiths told THE STAR.
However, when contacted, Vybz Kartel would not say whether he had done a song responding to Chatta Box. He was also reluctant to give a comment about the song. He said the only new song he has out is called Back To School.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Patrons Injured in the Jungle

By HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter
Monday, August 10, 2009

NEGRIL, Westmoreland- Three patrons attending a stage show here at the Jungle Nightclub were yesterday morning admitted to the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital in stable condition, and a dozen others treated for minor injuries after being hurt when a canopy they allegedly climbed onto collapsed.
According to Richard Wallace, a director of the nightclub, the incident occurred about 2:30 yesterday morning when the patrons, who had to climb a roof to get to the canopy which covers the walkway to the second floor, were cheering wildly during a performance by Vybz Kartel on the show dubbed 'Jungle Live'.

Some female revellers reportedly had to remove their footwear in order to climb the roof to get across to the canopy.
Wallace, who expressed regret over the incident, however blamed it on the "very irresponsible behaviour" of the patrons, who are believed to have utilised the fibreglass/shingled covering for a better vantage point.
"They had to climb the roof to get across to the canopy and some of the ladies had to take off their shoes to climb onto the roof. They were very irresponsible to climb up on the roof and put themselves in danger," Wallace told the Observer during a telephone interview yesterday.
He said that the patrons became abusive towards the security guards and other employees when asked to get off the canopy.
One of the female patrons who fell from the collapsed awning reportedly regained consciouness before being placed in ambulance among the other injured who were rushed to hospital.
The Negril police, while confirming the incident, said they were unable to provide details as a formal report had not been made up to 4 pm.
Meanwhile, the incident did not bring the show to a closure as Elephant Man took the stage after Vybz Kartel.Dancehall legend Beenie Man reportedly performed before incident.
From the Jamaica Observer's website:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Max Romeo's Last Hurrah

After 42 years, Max Romeo gives his 'Last Hurrah'

By Basil Walters Observer staff reporter

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Forty-two years after his entry into the musical arena, reggae pioneer Max Romeo, is ready to hang up the gloves. In a recent interview with the Observer, the singer indicated that he is in the closing stage of a rich and colourful musical career.
Romeo. every Sunday night we have a thing called Energy Sunday where people come and enjoy themselves

With a significant 42 albums to his credit, Max Romeo will, in 2010 release his final album, appropriately titled, The Last Hurrah.

"I am not doing any album after this," Max Romeo whose average is an album per year, told the Observer. He emphasised, "Everything I have to say, I have said it already. So if I continue, I'll be only repeating myself."

On a somewhat consistent note, between Wet Dream (his debut album) and his latest Max Romeo: The Best Of, this veteran has given us so much messages like Let The Power Fall On I, Bring Back Maccabee Version, War Inna Babylon, will be included on The Last Hurrah which he promises will be out for Christmas, a few covers.

"It is my final fourteen. The message that Jah gave me I have already delivered it. I don't want to take it beyond that, because a just Jah works mi a do, yuh nuh," Max Romeo insisted as he about his upcoming 14 tracks album.

Suffice it to say though, this Jamaican musical powerhouse who hails from Alexandria, St Ann, was not only about message music. In fact, it would surprise many to know that among his 42 albums, one is titled, Max Romeo Banned and Censored, which as the title implies, is not fit for airplay.
Max Romeo as a young man.

"Quite a few tracks on it were banned. These are the songs when I was doing rude stuff in the 60s," Max Romeo admitted. "The people dem now-a-days mussi feel sey a only dem know body parts. Is I teach dem body parts, yuh understand," the veteran crooner said.

This was obviously in reference to his album Wet Dream which was an instant hit in Jamaica, but was banned in the UK from the BBC and Romeo himself was banned from performing at some venues. However, this restriction helped to push Wet Dream on the charts.

During the period to which he made reference, he released singles such Mini Skirt Version, Fish In The Pot, Belly Woman and Wine Her Goosie. "Everybody follow me. Back then, yuh have Lloydie and the Low-Bites, Prince Buster. everybody came after me. But I was the original man who named the body-parts," he chuckled.

He explained that he deliberately does not market the album Max Romeo Banned and Censored in Europe, because the European market is mostly geared to roots and culture music.

Romeo is also a household name in France as much as he is in Jamaica.

"Places like France not really much into the dancehall thing that really tek set into Jamaica. They are into roots and culture. You affi a sing bout Rasta or current affairs. The whole continent shares the same view, for I've been touring the whole continent (of Europe) for quite a few years now and the crowd gets bigger and younger," he noted.

Presently winding down his annual summer trek to Europe, which this time around takes him to Slovenia, Slovakia, Morocco, Serbia as well as what was his first major gig in London. In the later part of this year he will be heading to Brazil for some dates and then going back to Europe in December for some more gigs.

Continuing his contemplation of his exit from the spotlight, the singer, songwriter, producer of such albums as Reconstruction and Transition (a phase that is obviously becoming), also told the Observer, "February 2010, will begin the last of my heavy duty tours. After this I am not doing any more tours, I'll just go out for the big ones. So by February I suppose to be out on the road touring. It going to take me right through Europe again, like saying good bye to the road after 42 years."

So next year will see the final curtain call for the 62-year-old artiste whose song Let The Power Fall On I, became the People's National Party's (PNP) 1972 campaign anthem, followed by other unforgettable chart toppers like One Step Forward, No Joshua No, Sipple Out Deh, Three Blind Mice, I Chase The Devil among too many to be listed.

Indeed, an iconic reggae exponents, his song I Chase the Devil has been sampled by Prodigy for their 1992 UK Top Ten hit, Out of Space. Kanye West also used samples from it to produce Jay-Z's hit song Lucifer, which appeared on Jay-Z's 2003 release, The Black Album.

It doesn't end there, I Chase The Devil, is also featured on the reggae radio station K-JAH Radio West in a popular video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, released in 2004.

So where does the legendary entertainer born Maxwell Livingston Smith go from here?

"I'll just produce mi kids, deal with me label and deal with Mother Nature," explained Max Romeo who set up home and business complex on his property in a little district called Palm in the town of Treadways, St Catherine.

"Is here soh I man set up my little empire yuh nuh," he goes on "Recording studio, distribution centre, CD manufacturing, farming at the same time, plant cassava, at the same time build the community a community centre where mi operate mi sound system from. Satta Vibes is the sound, and every Sunday night we have a thing called Energy Sunday where people come and enjoy themselves," Romeo disclosed.

While he will no longer take centerstage in the music business as an artiste, he will certainly continue to be involved. "So for my label Charmax Music this is the headquarters, with an array of artistes. People like Jallanzo, Nitro, Ruffi-Ann, Sophia Squire (Ratta Tat Tat) and my two young sons Ronaldo and Romario- one ten the other twelve - will be putting out some hits on the road," said Max Romeo who himself recently released quite a few combinations with Ruffi-Ann, Among them are Let the Power Fall On I, Bring Back Maccabee Version, War Inna Babylon and Wet Dream.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mighty Crown Secures Sneaker Deal

After more than a year, Mighty Crown "The Far East Rulers" and Irish and Chin will embark on a World Tour starting in October 2009 to celebrate another major career milestone, a third Nike sneaker deal. The Irish and Chin produced tour, dubbed "'The Mighty Crown Dynasty World Tour," after the soon-to-be released sneaker, will feature three of Mighty Crown's five members: Masta Simon, Sami T and Ninja. The Crown Dynasty Tour will represent the first time that Sami T and Masta Simon have toured together in over three years.

The shoe, dubbed Nike Dynasty Hi, features a translucent outsole, black crackle print on the midsole, a diamond studded ankle collar, and a crown logo on the extended tongue. Mighty Crown’s “Crown” logo is imprinted on the Dynasty’s middle panel. The red strap nicely counterbalances the dominance of black in the shoe. The Mighty Crown and Nike Sportswear Dynasty High Premium will release later this year in limited quantities.
Each of Crown's members has been pursuing successful endeavours recently, which has prevented them from touring together. However the Mighty Crown team is now set to deliver much over due dancehall entertainment to their fans. Mighty Crown is arguably the most successful non-Jamaican dancehall sound system worldwide, proving their worth both as a clash jugglin' sound. At this time, Mighty Crown is armed, dangerous and ready for war. The Crown Dynasty Tour will consist of both juggling and clash dates, something the sound took a break from. While Simon, Sami T and Ninja tour, members Supa Gee and Coji will continue locking down Japan.
"We took a break so that Sami T, Chin and I could take on other business ventures," says Masta Simon enthusiastically. "Now that we have gained individual strengths, it's time to bring our power together to focus on elevating Mighty Crown to another level."

Mighty Crown is eyeing 20 plus dates for the tour and can't wait to get back to the arena.
Mighty Crown is ready to add this high profile tour to their growing list of accomplishments. A strong business sense has made Mighty Crown the definition of dancehall in Japan. Notably, the sound has been afforded with three sneaker deals to date, a leading Japanese record label, two clothing lines and a magazine. And finally, an annual stadium show that draws over 30,000 patrons.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Junior Reid Owes Fish Money

Article from:

Reggae singer Junior 'One Blood' Reid has been summoned to appear in the Linstead Resident Magistrate's Court on September 7 for $45,000 worth of fish that he allegedly failed to pay for.
Allegations are that on June 6, the entertainer took fish from the complainant, Besta Lloyd, with the agreement to pay for it after his annual show, Junior Reid Birthday Bash, held the same day in Portmore, St Catherine.
After making a number of requests for his money and not receiving a favourable response from the artiste, legal redress was sought.
Mr. Lloyd went to the Spanish Town Court's office in St Catherine, where he secured a summons to serve on the entertainer.
It is alleged the document was served personally on Reid at his Eastwood Park Road office on Wednesday for his appearance in court. However, Reid said he was not served a summons.
"I don't know nothing 'bout that enuh. I don't see no police. I can't talk 'bout that," Reid said.
He also said he will be leaving Jamaica today for a show in Portland, Oregon. He said he would return by Sunday for his son's, Wada Blood, birthday party. After that, he will return to the United States for two weeks to perform at several shows. If this story has any truth to it then this is utter carelessness on the part of Junior Reid. I mean in this economy you blow more than $45, 000 in one night drinking with friends so that’s chump change to go to court for. Regardless its still a funny story.

Kartel Responds to Queen Ifrica

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel says Queen Ifrica is a hypocrite for having a problem with his song 'Virginity'.
In a release Vybz Kartel bashed Queen Ifrica for what she said about his song in a story published earlier this week.
In the story 'Ifrica disapproves of Virginity', published in the Wednesday STAR, Queen Ifrica said: "Mi hear Kartel with a song name Virginity weh mi nuh too like. The fact that him a talk bout a likkle girl weh him tek her virginity. Him a talk bout two drop a blood pon her frock and madda ago beat her fi dat. Mi nuh hear no big woman weh a mek dem talk deh. Mi nuh too waan talk bout it (Kartel's song), fi promote it neither."
However, Vybz Kartel said the song is about him and a girl reminiscing about their teenage years, and not of an older man seducing an underage girl.
He further stated: "They think they are the police force of morality when they're just hypocrites. If you, Ifrica, don't like my song, so what? The fans love it. Queen Ifrica and others like her are all hypocrites and acting like they are paragons of virtue."
Kartel said in the release: "People should understand their perspective of the issue and ignore everything else, but they don't offer the same to other artistes."
He said the music he creates was not intended for other artistes to critique, as they are for his fans.
"The ladies love it bad, bad," he said.

Ifrica Disapproves of 'Virginity'

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Queen Ifrica's song Mek Wi Grow might not have been done as a counteraction to Vybz Kartel's Virginity, but his song is one that she certainly does not like.
"Mi hear Kartel with a song name Virginity weh mi nuh too like it. The fact that him a talk bout a likkle girl weh him tek her virginity," Queen Ifrica told THE STAR.
"Him a talk bout two drop a blood pon her frock and madda ago beat her fi dat. Mi nuh hear no big woman weh a mek dem talk deh. Mi nuh too waan talk bout it (Kartel's song), fi promote it neither."
In Mek Wi Grow, Queen Ifrica sings, "No bwoy caan draw mi round no corner/ fi show mi no iguana/ low mi mek mi grow...Pinch leave an inch and roll weh yuhself...Yuh caan tek my virginity/ cause that a God precious gift to me/ If it makes you feel good to sleep wid children in yuh rampin' shop well don't bother worry when di lighten clap/ leave the pickney dem alone go look yuh age nuh man/ yuh better think twice before yuh tek another one."
community work
She said she got inspiration for the song based on what she sees generally and from the community work she does, specifically. In addition, she said she is a woman and a mother, so she does not feel good about virginity.
"Yuh have some big neck man weh a prey pon dem (young girls). No man nuffi tell yuh when fi tek your virginity. Me do whole heap a community work and the women's centre dem full," said Queen Ifrica, who recently returned from Paris, France, where she did a music video with techno producer and artiste Bob Sinclair.
She said she is currently very busy doing many shows in the Caribbean and the United States.
As for her album, Montego Bay, she said: "It a go mad. It a go hard. It a creep up inna all the places weh mi need it fi deh."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sumfest-International Night 2

It is official Damian Marley has the hardest working flag man in the business. Hands down Nas and Jr. Gong were the high light of Sumfest 2009. Great energy and quality music. Plus Damian so soo soooooo sexy. I hereby decree that every woman in the world should have a baby by Jr. Gong. If he is unable to perform this duty in person he should FedEx his sperm to them so the world can be a better place. Finally for the women who are both sexy and smart they get two babies. It is so ordered!
Cant wait for next year.