Friday, April 30, 2010

Jackson Five I want you back, Reggae rmx

Jackson five "I want you back" Reggae remix by Bost & Bim / The Bombis

Ed Solo, Skool Of Though - When I Was A Youth

Thanks Mike for turning me on to dubstep, and this group I'm in love.

Got this one from Sexy Gio all the way in Italy. How do i know Gio is sexy? Well Gio is Italian and they only know how to make sexy people, sexy shoes, sexy clothes, sexy art, sexy cars... really do i need to go on? Big up yu self Gio and thanks for the love^_^

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jah Cure Pleads Not Guilty to Ganja Charge

Jah Cure, born Siccature Alcock, pleaded not guilty to ganja possession when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday.

The 32-year-old entertainer appeared in court on a charge of possession of ganja.

According to the allegations, about 11 a.m. last Thursday (April 22), police saw a white BMW being driven recklessly along Dunrobin Avenue, St Andrew, and it was signalled to stop.

The police alleged that while talking to the driver, the aroma inside the vehicle and the scent coming from the accused man's mouth was similar to the essence of marijuana.

The police told the court that he asked the accused if he had ganja in his possession and he was told "yes". The vehicle was searched and an ounce of ganja was reportedly found. The accused man was arrested and charged.

Jah Cure is known for songs such as Love Is, Reflection and his recent hit Call on me with Alison Hinds. He will return to court on May 6.

Blame it on Kartel

"Stores robbed of Clarks shoes

Cops theorise recent popularity the cause"

Rasbert Turner,

The St Catherine North police believe that thieves are targeting stores that sell the popular Clarks shoes, after two stores in the Linstead were recently robbed of several pairs of the footwear.

Two men, who were found with a number of the shoes in their possession, have since been taken into custody by the Linstead police.

About 8 a.m. yesterday, police searched two houses in August Town and Prospect in Bog Walk, and seized a number of the shoes that are believed to have been stolen.

Last week, thieves broke into a store located on King Street and another on Gillette Street. The police stated that more than $2 million worth of Clarks shoes have been stolen from the two stores in Linstead.

"Criminals are really targeting the stores and taking the Clarks shoes. So far they have stolen the popular shoes from two places. However. we are making progress in the probe," an investigator said.

The men were apparently so caught up in the thrill that in one store they took only the right shoe from a pair, leaving the left behind.

Police say that further investigations are being carried out. Up to late last night the names of the men were being withheld.

Since the release of the hit song Clarks by Vybz Kartel, Popcaan and Gaza Slim, the UK-based brand has seen a rise in popularity among Jamaican men. A recent story published in THE STAR illustrated just how popular the shoes had become, with news that vendors in the downtown area have seen increased clientele and had even upped their prices.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who Murder the Music

So much drama in the industry today it just feels like never ending waves of negative energy seems poised to destroy what so many worked so hard to built. The thing about energy is you get back what you give. That much one would think is common knowledge. Therefore it would be irresponsible for anyone to pretend that the present miasma of bad news that hovers so thick over the landscape on the verge of suffocating the economic livelihood of those directly and indirectly involved in the industry has nothing to do with the actions of its actors.

For instance Ricky Trooper should be happy that the only visa that got revoked was the one from America. For some reason Jamaicans seem to think that a U. S. visa is a right. We forget that the only country obligated to put up with our nasty behavior no matter what is the one we spit on constantly i.e. Jamaica. Everyday the world gets smaller and markets more competitive. Therefore no matter how drunk Trooper was, waving a gun and demonstrating how bad the affliction of verbal diarrhea affects him on camera would be the definition of career suicide. Recently Trooper was On Stage with Winford Williams saying that’s just another gimmick and the gun was fake or not loaded, whatever. Stating him good wid everybody and everybody good wid him.

Jamaica is the ultimate contradiction. Seriously, look up contradiction in the dictionary and well maybe you wont exactly see a picture of us or a map of Jamaica but it would be a spot on description of how Jamaicans carry-on in almost all aspects of life. For example the image of white sand beaches friendly happy helpful natives in the ultimate island paradise. Jamaica? No problem mon! The Tourist Board sells that image and the tourists eat it up like fat girls at Portland Jerk Festival. But then for those who live here it feels like the murder capital of the universe and any others that may be parallel to us. We kill without explanation like life is a game and you can restart at your last save point, like we are in a civil war, but we are not. And sadly we seem to have become numb to death and injustice.

Now there is another association, a new one that, if left unchecked will destroy an already weakening foundation. The budding idea that the only thing left in Jamaica is homophobic illiterates that at best produce disposable music with the lifespan of a housefly or at worst murder music is taking root. We can hide behind the premise of Art imitating life for so long and no more. We can hide behind the premise of that is what the people want to hear for so long and no more.

We have to be delusional to think that if we saturate the market with the same songs done the same way on recycled riddims that eventually everyone will not simply get sick of hearing them. For example think of any two recent riddims. I’ll now do a magic trick and name all the songs on the riddims you thought of. Here goes:

1. People badmind.

2. Gal yuh baddy good and yuh can keep yuh man wid yuh good hole and yuh man mine yuh because yuh hole good.

3. Dash out yuh hole……………

4. Lies about oral sex, sex in general.

5. Mi have more money than that nigga and mi can floss and hype more than them too.

6. Mi want money.

7. Some stupid song that passes off as a dance anthem when in fact there is no ‘dance’ just an excuse for a group of long seed man to bleach their faces wear tight pants pink close fitting shirts jump on each other’s ass and pretend that they are not latent homos.

8. Mi have the most gal, I know nothing of sex, love or how to treat a good woman right but mi a galis.

9. And if a rasta man is there mi love jah and jah love me, Selassie I.

There I just named all the local songs that ever made it to radio and in the dance. Give or take a very very few exceptions.

Clearly drastic changes need to be made as unfortunately for us, our music has as much worldwide appeal as a used tampon. Further more it will not be fixed with the projection of domestic violence, sad attempts at a porn career and constant infighting for what is perceived as scarce benefits by the narrow minded. It cannot be that the doors slammed shut after Shaggy and Sean Paul. It cannot be that it is their phennotypical features that attributes to their success. It cannot only be parental legacies why the Marley’s constantly sell out venues and win international awards.

The music is more potent than the weed we… they smoke and the blood sweat and determination of our predecessors for it to be classified as garbage instead of doing what it is suppose to which is positively affecting the world. So called artists and producers need to get off their lazy asses and make something of value every once in a while. Stop claiming that the business was destroyed over night and you had nothing to do with it.

But what do I know? And no one who should will read this anyway.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Power Man Double Play

Hey Jerm, this is your present lol ^_^ Thanks again.

What Tha.....

Truck Crash along East and North Streets:
What the J.U.T.C. (that's the bus company owned by the Gov. here for those who are not Jamaican) run the RED light followed by the CB Chicken truck. W.T.F. were they thinking? What pisses me off is the fact that my little sister, her friends and the rest of Alpha, K.C. and St. George's teeny bopper walk that way daily to and from school. Now imagine if this happened just after school was out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bounty Killer goes to Church

I could not make this up even if i tried. Come to think of it when ppl go jail them either find man or god good thing it was the latter for Bounty.

Rasbert Turner,

STAR Writer

Dancehall artiste Rodney 'Bounty Killer' Price may think that it was divine intervention why he was granted bail on Friday, and so, attended church yesterday to give thanks.

Bounty Killer was arrested almost two weeks ago on a warrant by officers from the Constant Spring Police Station.

The court heard that on March 30 the female complainant told police that the deejay had assaulted her. It was further revealed that the complainant had reported that she had been involved with the deejay for three years, and when she told him that she wanted to end the relationship and move on with her life, he got angry and hit her all over her body.

Bounty Killer, who was initially denied bail and then had his case put off, spent almost two weeks behind bars, and was only released on Friday.

Now a free man, he says: "It feels good to be here in church, as it was God who allowed me to be bail, after spending almost two weeks, and the church came and pray fi mi before mi go court the last time. It really good man, to be in church," Price told THE STAR at the Agape Christian Fellowship church in Gregory Park.

The entertainer, who was offered bail on Friday for assaulting his girlfriend, was dressed in his customary black.

He participated in the altar call, clapped and worshipped with his mother at his side, while the church sang, "Jesus how I love calling your name." It was a penitent-looking Bounty that came and worshipped.

"A church mi sey now yu hear, as God alone can do it. Yes, a straight church mi a sey," Price said.

His mother, Ivy Williams, affectionately called 'Mama Ivy', said her son is one who loves God dearly.

"I am a member of the church and I know that Rodney loves God very much and he has reason to," Williams said.

One youngster, Mikhail Letmore, who was in attendance, even observed: "Him (Bounty) nuh look cross or angry as

We always hear, him even laugh with me and told me to do my school work."

After signing a number of autographs and giving words of encouragement, Price and his entourage left the church as blessed souls.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vybz Kartel ft Popcaan & Gaza Slim - Clarks

Look how Kartel tun people inna idiot. Before the Clarks song you could get them for $6000ja now $8500 up. Something must be wrong with us.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Tha ...

Below is the reason why Jamaicans no longer get U.S. visas.

Bail for Bounty

Bail for beating up your girlfriend of 3years $200,000. Posting bail before it is your turn to empty the morning bucket priceless. If Bounty Killa had a Master Card advertisement right now it would sound something like that.
Along with the granting of bail, Resident Magistrate Georgiana Fraser has since ordered Rodney ‘Bounty Killa’ Pryce to participate in mediation sessions and that he must report to the Constant Spring Police station on Wednesdays. Now that some real anger management.. get it .. Anger Management… oh forget it.
A stop order was also placed on him for travel and he is required to surrender all travel documents. Guess the RM Fraser didn’t hear that the U.S government already took care of that for her.
Bounty was previously denied bail because he had another matter in the Gun Court.
Killa is scheduled to return to court on June 29.

Unfortunately for the complainant Ms. Kadeem Baker who has since dropped the charges against the DJ her problems are just beginning. She has since been arrested and charged her for creating public mischief. Any bets on how many packs of smokes she is worth on the Fort Augusta Prison Exchange?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No bail for Bounty Killer

Jamaica Observer
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A weary-looking Bounty Killer will have to wait until Friday to find out if he will be granted bail.

The dancehall deejay was remanded in custody by Resident Magistrate Georgiana Fraser, during his appearance in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court this morning.

Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce, is accused of assaulting his girlfriend after she told him their three-year relationship was over, and of threatening her life over the telephone in the presence of police officers.

Today Pryce seemed subdued, lowered his head and bore a weary look when RM Fraser informed him that he would be returned to jail.

This is the second time he has been refused bail by the judge who said threatening a witness was a serious offence and informed the deejay that he had committed the offenses while out on bail for illegal possession of a firearm and unlawful wounding.

Police told the court that Pryce's associates have been intimidating the complainant to drop the case.

The woman has reportedly expressed the desire to drop the charges.

Pryce is represented by attorney Linda Wright.

Across the street from the courthouse in the parking lot of a plaza on Maxfield Avenue, several of the deejay's supporters were visibly upset when news broke that Pryce would be returning behind bars. One woman cried openly.

The supporters also had harsh words for the complainant who they blamed for Bounty Killer being remanded.

Bounty Killer is one of several dancehall artists whose US visas have been revoked in recent weeks.

Bugle and the Man Purse

Now I’m not picking on Bugle, I feel kind of sorry for him after all he exercise every day and he is still not fit. But why if he has friends and people around him why is it that he constantly go out in public in pants that have the consistency of female leggings? Now the good man is looking to 6year old girls for inspiration. The only people I know of who would actually wear such an accessory and think they are high fashion is a pre-teen girl. If you ask me I think his pants were too tight so his wallet could not fit in his pockets... but now i wonder does he have to tuck if that's the case?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Natalie Storm wants outRAGEous Action

Kingston, Jamaica. April 9 2010 : Hot on the heels of her success with her MTV hit "Look Pon Me", Natalie Storm has teamed up with Shadyhill Records newest act Rage, to unleash an outrageously catchy party anthem.

"Action Mi Want" is one of the hot songs on the brand new Hang Ova Riddim from Skatta Productions. The song is reminiscent of the good musical times of the early nineties featuring suggestive but clean lyrics from both artists.

When asked about how the collaboration came about Natalie responded," We were just vibing in Prodigal studio and the melodies started flowing. Rage and I have done songs for overseas projects together before but never anything locally and this song just felt like the right energy."

The Hang Ova riddim features acts such as Elephant Man and the debut of the Fluffy Diva herself, Ms. Kitty.

For all the latest updates check out Rage at and Natalie Storm at

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shabba Ranks

Kadine and Bounty: A love story

'Me and Rodney are going to work it out,'

That was the statement made to the Jamaica Star and a few other dancehall related sites by Ms. Kadine Baker. The woman who Rodney ‘Bounty Killer’ Price allergy beat like a slave without papers recently, now is saying that she is willing to work it out with the artiste and wants to see him released.

Ms. Baker, the complainant in Mr. Price’s current assault case, which is now before the court, said she reported the matter to the police because at the time of the alleged incident, she was angry.

Kadine told the Star:
"I reported it at the time because I was upset, but it's the first domestic offence and me and Rodney are going to work it out."

While admitting that she had in fact told the deejay that the relationship was over, she said: "I don't want it to end again, 'cause wi good."

She said she is really bothered by the fact that the deejay is now in custody and said: "Mi really waan see him back pan di road. I think him learn him lesson now."

Baker said the two have been a couple for three years and began dating after the deejay expressed a liking for her. She said: "We have had our disputes, but it has never been physical."

Baker, a model and student, is set to appear in deejay Spice's video for the single Back Broad. She is the one in the white. Also can one of her friends rent or download that Tina Turner movie for this young lady because clearly she needs some help.

Bounty Denied Bail

In case you were wondering Bounty Killer will have to spend at least the next week in jail after he was denied bail in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court Wednesday April 7,2010 on assault charges.

Bounty, has been in custody since Monday when he was arrested on a warrant by officers from the Constant Spring Police Station.

The court heard that on March 30, his girlfriend Kadeem Baker a student and model, told police that the deejay had assaulted her. She had been involved with the deejay for three years, and when she told him that she wanted to end the relationship and had moved on with her life he got Cross! Hangry! Misarable! and hit her all over her body. It was also alleged that after his arrest the deejay threatened the complainant, in the presence of police officers.

As this was revealed in court, Bounty shook his head defiantly, disagreeing with the allegations.

Bounty was led into court along with other inmates, and pleaded not guilty before Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey. His lawyer, Linda Wright, in attempting to get bail for the accused, said her client did not threaten the complainant. She also challenged the officers to produce a signed statement, whether by an officer who overheard the alleged threat or by the complainant herself.

Ms. Baker revealed that she did not sign that statement as at the time she was reconsidering pressing charges. The police told the court that the complainant was surrounded by a circle of entertainers who were encouraging her to do away with the case. A policeman said the complainant was fearful for her life.

The deejay's attorney said the artiste did not make a threatening call in front of the police at the station and said, in fact, that it was Ms. Baker who had informed the officer that she had received a call from the deejay. She said it was at this point that the officers confiscated the Killa's phone. The attorney said the allegations had been exaggerated as the medical report attached to the file was very general and made no reference to any serious injuries.

RM Pusey told the court that the deejay had a similar matter before the court recently that was dismissed at the complainant's request. She said: "He had a very similar case recently and this one is going in the same direction, just because of the notoriety of the accused. But I am not impressed by those things. I am not concerned about Bounty Killer."

She said she would not grant bail as the accused was currently on bail for a gun-related and assault matter, as well as a marijuana charge, and the law speaks strongly about persons who reportedly commit offences while on bail. She also said the allegation of threats made to the complainant was another factor why bail was being denied.

The matter will be tried on April 14.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bounty Beats Girlfriend

Can someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with Mr. Rodney Basil Price aka Bounty Killer? Only days after getting his U.S visa revoked the Five Star General is now behind bars for assaulting his girlfriend Kadeen.

According to police reports on Thursday March 25, 2010 Bounty Killer's girlfriend attempted to end their three year relationship. However things got sour as he decided otherwise. This resulted in a fight after which she reported the matter to the Constant Spring Police. Bounty was later arrested and charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm.

Bounty Killer was refused station bail after using his one phone call not to call his lawyer, manager or someone who could remotely assist him in his situation. Instead he called the young woman to further threaten her. He is scheduled to appear in court April 7, 2010 in the Half Way Tree Resident Magistrate Court.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I don't know why any woman, lady, gal, dog, Prostitute, anything with a vagina would have anything to do with Kartel after this. He is such a disappointment and to be honest i couldn't watch it all to the end. Kartel a live inna Luuuu.

Dancehall Artists Visas Revoked

The Embassy of the United States in Kingston, Jamaica is in the process of REVOKING the visas of the following citizens of Jamaica. The people mentioned here currently hold a U.S. Visa that we have not yet been able to physically cancel. Do not allow these passengers to board any flights bound for the United States in reliance on this visa. The specific information is as follows:

1) NAME: Garfield Augustus McKoy

DOB: 16-JAN-1965

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2720093

US VISA CONTROL #: 20090797640002

2) NAME: Garfield Augustus McKoy

DOB: 16-JAN-1965

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2222490

US VISA CONTROL #: 20061105840006

3) NAME: Moses Anthony Davis

DOB: 22-AUG-1973

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2923459

US VISA CONTROL #: 20082808300001

4) NAME: Moses Anthony Davis

DOB: 22-AUG-1973

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2923459

US VISA CONTROL #: 20082808300001

5) NAME: Moses Anthony Davis

DOB: 22-AUG-1973

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A3091250

US VISA CONTROL #: 20100538930001

6) NAME: Sheldon Ricardo Aitana Lawrence

DOB: 06-APR-1981

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2888921

US VISA CONTROL #: 20092086730009

7) NAME: David Constantine Brooks

DOB: 30-NOV-1980

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2398975

US VISA CONTROL #: 20071062360008

8) NAME: David Constantine Brooks

DOB: 30-NOV-1980

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2802052

US VISA CONTROL #: 20082055440001

9) NAME: Rodney Basil Price

DOB: 12-JUN-1972

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2492299

US VISA CONTROL #: 20081512130006

10) NAME: Rodney Basil Price

DOB: 12-JUN-1972

PASSPORT: Jamaica #: A2492299

US VISA CONTROL #: 20090577210002


Fraud Prevention Unit


However you know them as Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Mavado, Aidonia and Mr. Mi Ave 2 Visa! Mi Ave 10 ear! Put Dis Pon Youtube- while posing with a gun- Ricky Trooper.