Saturday, January 9, 2010

One island, two Jamaicas and a whole heap of difference

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  1. Good segment that demonstrates the polarized debate.

    However, the amazing lack of complexity in Raga's and Karen's analysis is really annoying. What the hell they mean that sex is "not" part of what uptown people talk about? Maybe they should learn how to listen, or better yet, put themselves in such "uptown" spaces, rather than parrot what has been written but never supported with evidence.

    Furthermore, the entire country is not classified according to "downtown" and "uptown"; that's a descriptor specific to Kingston, and Kingston is not representative of Jamaica.

    And Raga need to stop acting like he is so "ghetto". People talk about him like a dog down a south; him go a round robin an a show-off like seh im a big man roun' town. Not appreciated, I can assure you.