Monday, January 18, 2010

Répondez S'il Vous Plaît

For a long time Jamaican men have gotten a really bad reputation. You know the one, the persona of the roaming stud, with ‘gal inna bundle’ never resting at any place long enough and having at least one baby mother or woman in all 14 parishes. The image is so perpetuated in many dancehall songs long before Shabba Ranks Trailer Load of Girls, Beenie Man’s Ole Dog and will be so even after Vybz Kartel Love Dem…well everything from Vybz Kartel seem to speak to the roaming cocky mentality. It seems being in a monogamous relationship for a man is often frowned on, and the man is always mocked and terms such as ‘one burner’ are mercilessly used to make such a man feel uncomfortable with his situation no matter how good it may be.

Obviously this has played havoc on the psyche of the Jamaican woman. And no matter how strong she is, all women have the need or craving at some point to be loved, provided for and the need to feel protected. There is nothing like the feeling of security in a relationship for a woman and many will go to great lengths, embarrassment and hardships to ensure that she is, “Wife roun eer.”
Hence the cut throat matie culture and crazy modeling to make sure matie know she a nuh hot like the wife.

Maybe it has come to a head because why else would so many women turn up to parties/dances in what are obviously wedding dresses. Is this an attempt to twist the arm of Mr. Death-Before-Marriage? If so why must I also be tortured for your man’s non-committal ways? Women the fashion trend of looking like bridezilla is one that needs to stop here and now. Every time I go to a big dance I have to question “Funny I don’t remember responding to an RSVP for your wedding, and did someone already get you the toaster off the gift list?”

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