Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Few Good Men?

Its crazy how Jamaicans are labeled as homophobic worldwide. Usually by individuals who seek to judge before even before they know anything about what is considered acceptable behavior for a particular space. Personally I believe a lot of men are walking around and really don’t know how gay they are and subsequently there are a lot of latent lesbians in the dance. How else can one explain why women who should be straight- you know like 6 o’clock- are with men in pants tighter than female leggings, out and bad in bleached faces and pink shirts? Now if we are homophobs please explain the peacock at the biggest profile dance for the year?


  1. Amazing photos, thanks for posting this Eve!

  2. I think these were taken at the black and white party in December. Eve, I really think YOU should go do your research. Whether or not a society promotes and accepts violence against gay and lesbian people has absolutely nothing to with whether there is a gay & lesbian subculture. That's like saying that because I eat an American Apple, therefore I am an American. Wherever and whenever some behaviours and identities are punished or treated as deviant, people find ways and opportunities to express themselves.

  3. i think the point of the article was to highlight the fact that ppl who condemn persons for there choices, But do and dress exactly as they please even though they hate others for what they perceive as wrong.