Monday, January 18, 2010

Jamaican Folklore: How the Fish Goda-me Got a Name

It’s been too long since I told you all any stories now don’t it. Being from deep Westmoreland in a time before cell phones, Internet and cable, going to the river use to be a really big part of my life. River for me was usually Cabaritta, which is the largest river in the parish and rises near Cascade in Hanover. I remember my Gran-Uncle and brother sometimes catching this really weird fish called Goda-me/Godami/Gadami (however you spell it), which my Great-Gran would then make really sweet rundown out of. Why I say it is a strange fish is it can live out of water for several hours, even days, if kept in a cool damp place I guess its some sort of lung fish but I really only know it as Goda-me/Godami/Gadami so if you know it by any other name please drop me a line.
Ok yu chat too much Eve tell me the story now.

Once up on a time the Creator was in the process of naming all the animals in the world. As you can imagine this went on for some time and it was a very big task to come up with really good names. Eventually names like Aye-Aye and Frigate bird can give a glimpse into the Creator Sprit’s disposition. Much time passed (this was before hours were invented) and finally the Creator was done, sighed and melted in a chair due to the sheer exhaustion of the completed task. Then out of nowhere came a small almost frightened voice it said,

So God jump up now and bawl out.
A who dat? A who leff?

This little fish walk out of the shadows, still a bit frightened and with really big Puss in Boots eyes says, Gaddami….

Jack Mandora mi nuh choose none.

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