Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cat Fights and Blow Jobs

It never ends really and you should find something better to do with your time than to waste it doing this. Until then here is the latest instalment of mind numbing idleness. Enjoy ^_^


  1. I am going to blog about this. I find the drama to be absolutely hilarious!! I mean, why does what you do in bed (or on cameraphone) with somebody else matter so much to other people? They taking this to a whole nedda level.

  2. lol idk why its such an issue. We all know the biggest freaks in Jamaica go on stage nightly and play hypocrites "bun this! Bun that!"
    dont believe me then you just gotta check out that dancehall groupie site its hilarious. I cant wait to see what you do with one of the biggest non-factors in dancehall longbench ^_^
    Also secretly i think we all like a good fall from grace, so when Lisa gonna sing "Nah follow dutty gal and suck off cocky head" and you get a pic with exactly that in ur email first thing in the morning its kinda ur duty to forward it.
    Hyper need to take a page out of Milk's book and stop picking fights she cant win