Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Do You Represent?

Jamaica is full of talent and the world knows this, be it in sports music, medicine and art you name the field and we excel in it. However I bet you never heard of any comic books from Jamaica that could compete internationally with quality and content. Enter Negash Davidson author, artist and all round video game badass. The author of the very successful comic Beyond Borders, so hot Bookaphilla cant stock enough of these babies. Beyond borders is a hilarious Manga inspired love story about a bored graphic designer who finds love on the internet with a little German hottie. Very reliable sources hinted that Negash might have a small booth at an upcoming comic book convention due to support from a mysterious benefactor. Hmmmm, Comic-Con 09 is already underway so is it 2010 or maybe Florida Super Con, Heroes Convention what I do know is he is keeping this information close to the chest for now, but as soon as more new is available you all will be the first to know. Recently I hijacked the very busy Negash on his way to a radio interview to pick his brain, about what it feels like to be such a huge underground star among other things.

Eve: What makes you so awesome man?
Gash: Dunno if I’m really that “awesome” but I like telling stories and no ladies not the kind where you’re wondering if I’m telling the truth or not but actual stories for entertainment. The production of a comic is not that easy a task either…rather daunting if you ask me, but with determination and a little support I managed to pull it off.

Eve: Most persons move from Edna Manley to Utech, you did the reverse. Is something wrong with you?
Gash: Wrong with me?…not that I can recall…but I just happened to make a mistake and followed what seemed safe rather than following what I wanted. I figured Architecture was a job that would be secure and get me money, but when I started school I realised it wasn’t as I pictured it at all. I realised the mistake I had made forsaking what I loved doing for something that I knew very little of and I never really felt like I fitted in. So I decided to go the route of the arts with more resolve than ever after realising that Utech wasn’t my speed.

Eve: How do you represent?
Gash: Quite well actually (lol) Represent is my brainchild, born out of my own sheer idleness into something that I am currently building into a (hopefully) profitable business.

Eve: What is the main purpose of your company-aside of course to make money and impress the bitches?
Gash: Well ummm…money and ehhh bitches was it? Well that aside…The company’s main purpose for me is to foster creativity, I wouldn’t mind represent encouraging fellow artist out there to go on and do their own thing. If a market for what you want to do is not out there…then create it.

Eve: What made you become interested in art?
Gash: I use to destroy my father’s comics by cutting out the characters to play with them, in total I destroyed his books. I became interested in art when my Uncle showed me I could draw what I saw in the books rather than destroying the book itself. So the power to create rather than destroy was appealing I would say…not to mention it meant no ass whooping from my Dad.

Eve: How did you end up making comics?
Gash: Ever read a comic and was just so involved with it from the artwork to the Story that you just felt compelled to do one yourself…well I did. So I charged myself with coming up with stories of my own to hopefully rival the great ones out there one day…hopefully lol.

Eve: Who are your major influences as artists and/or comic book writers?
Gash: Artists – Joe Maduiera, Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, John Romita Jr, Tetsuya Nomura, Yoji Shinkawa, Jim Aparro.
Writers - Mark Gruenwald, Chris Claremont, Stan Lee, Mark Millar

Eve: Why?
Gash: They all did things their way, and were not afraid of pushing things beyond the accepted norm of what a comic should look like and the stories it should tell.

Eve: Where do you get your inspiration?
Gash: Seeing Various Artists work online and works of my peers, also from those that admire what I do.

Eve: What were some of the previous projects you have worked on?
Gash: My previous works as it relates to the comic field are zero prior to Beyond Border, as my main job area is graphic design(mostly web related) I worked with a small company called Webfx in development of local/international websites.

Eve: What is in the pipeline for us to look forward to?
Gash: Ahhhh the pipeline well there is a lot I really want to get out…just the timing really, but the projects I have waiting are:
The Children of O- This is a tale of a young boy who gets reeled into the world of young children charged with the responsibility of defending their home from demon-like creatures called Jonkunoos.

Jacket – Story of a Robot bodyguard built to protect a young boy who has been found out as not being the biological child of a well known politician.

Battlescars – Story of a young man who uses his love for videogaming as a means to make money for his family whose father has now lost his job in the current declining economy.

Beware of D.O.G. – Story of a young man who now takes up the reigns of assassin that his father once held but can now no longer do.

Eve: What is your preferred medium?
Gash: Old School pencil and paper hehe.

Eve: Manga or Comics
Gash: Manga
Eve: Video games or Sex
Gash: Sex
Eve: Yeah right, is that your final answer? Remember I know you man.
Gash: Yes it is.
Eve: Loonytoons or Disney
Gash: Disney
Eve: Resident Evil or Silent Hill
Gash: Resident Evil
Eve: Marvel or DC
Gash: Marvel
Eve: Akira or Howl’s Moving Castle
Gash: Akira
Eve: Tekken or Soul Calibur
Gash: Soul Calibur
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  1. Wow, it's great of you to showcase and bring to light local talent that no one really hears about, especially when they seem this good, and trying to catch a break. Where can I go to find more information from him, and is his book only sold in bookaphilia?

    I can't wait to see more interviews from you, especially if they are as creative as you make them. Again, keep up the good writing and I'll do my part to keep reading...

  2. HEH!!!!

    Good stuff!

    My wives say my foot tuff

  3. Niiiice...tho HOW could ANYONE say Marvel over DC?

  4. I guess cuz Marvel has X-Men, Ironman, Hulk, Thor and Spiderman... What can i say Atlas he is a weirdo. I guess he fig Superman is gay, but then so is Spiderman. Then again DC has more gay heroes than Marvel...god bless Bruce Wayne or things would be pretty bleak^_^
    To be honest i don’t think i could ever choose between then but hey i didn’t have to lol

  5. I love this piece...yow Negas a go hard

  6. Dahlia, Just joined the group, That picture is Hot!

  7. Hi Eve thanks for the oppurtunity again, was fun.