Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time To Get Your Game On

For a long time gaming in Jamaica has gotten a bad rap. It’s either associated with awkward teenage zombie boys in dark musty holes in the wall game shops glued to screens salivating to unrealistic proportional anime women, or very awkward men tucked away at home friendless, girl-less and lifeless probably living with his mother and needs to do some growing up. Not a well-adjusted desirable look. While there is some truth to this, most real gamers really do not fit this profile. We fit in, we blend and yes while we do seem somewhat quirky from time to time, for too long gaming in Jamaica tends to be treated as a dirty little secret.

Enter the mad geniuses of GameOnJamaica, who seek to introduce the real face of gaming to those who really are interested in knowing it. You know that I pay taxes, have a life, friends (Girlfriend/Boyfriend), party and feel pretty awesome about myself and yes able to throw down some old-fashioned pwnage in whatever game of choice. Set for an October 1st 2009 launch, the site is an all you need to know for gamers and newbies of all sorts. The site provides useful tools, such as the resident ninja who combs all the stores in Kingston to find the actual prices for games, consoles and anything else game related that gamers tend to get shafted with nerd tax add-on. Previews of what we know will be cool or just plain interesting, Review of games that us at HQ had to spend many many hours of our natural lives playing on normal and hard so we can honestly tell how awesome the games are. Top Ten’s, rants, videos and news coming out the zing-zang.

The site offers a shop feature where members can order games, consoles and game related paraphernalia. Socially it is the place to know what’s happing on the Jamaican gaming scene as updates on LAN Parties, tournaments and forums for gamers to keep their fingers on the pulse of what's new hot and now. The driving idea behind the site is education. Family members and Friends can use it to gain a better understanding of what are appropriate games for the game-heads in their life and not have any accidents like walking in on the God Of War mini sex game, if purchasing games for the young ones. Personally I’m looking forward to better gifts this year and if this site gets me that then it’s so worth it, so

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