Friday, July 24, 2009

Reggae Sumfest – Dancehall Night

Disclaimer: I was very very drunk so please don't hold any interviews which i hope never airs against me. My defence the Great Gore Vidal once said that one should never pass on the opportunity to have sex r be on T.V.

So far I got some really hot pics to share with all of you however in all the hubbub I frgot to pack both a card reader and usb cables. I know lame. So many great performances to tell you about like the Alliance putting their stamp of professionalism on Sumfest, however a Gaza show. Ok sorry I got to run I woke up like 3:30pm and this country ass internet place closing now. Tomorrow i will sort out pix on all.

P.S. Guess who knows what cologne Vybz Kartel wore to Dancehall night at Reggae Sumfest? Issey Miyake Intense. How do I know, well because I have a piece of the Gaza Emperor’s outfit from that night.

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