Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Michael Jackson Factor

The passing of the King of Pop no doubt left a super massive hole in the hearts of music lovers everywhere, not to be out done Jamaicans and our need to catch any cold the U.S has to offer. This year’s Reggae Sumfest was all about Tributes and to Michael. From the banners to the buzz about members of the Jackson family being present for the show immediately after his passing. Almost every artist performing did some sort of tribute piece during their set. And every night there was an impersonator to channel his energy in a seance sort of manner from the very strange and over the top to the just plain bad. Tito bored the younger none US audience to tears and we all just wished he would just collect his pretty pictures and say nice words and get the hell off the stage. To be fair he was pretty good with a blues guitar but after two songs was just too much to bear. That didn’t stop the top brass from showing up for their photo opp. and “jamming” oh so hard to his boring old ass. What was funny however As Ed Bartlet and Babsy Grange made their way to center stage.
When someone yelled “Whe Sista P Deh?!”

(Late for a Wedding. More pics when I get Back ^_^ sorry*_*)

I swear he was giving us the finger


  1. Rass, MJ duppy a haunt sumfest inna di pic

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