Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 Reasons why I like Konshens

  1. He’s soooooo dreamy ^_^

  2. In an age where people constantly chastise Dancehall music, he proves that there are good artists who still produce quality music. It’s not all about Gal, Guns, and Money.

  3. He didn’t sell out. We buy into marketing every day and Dancehall is no exception to this rule. As much as we flaunt freedom and rebellion, the ubiquitous image of the conscious Rasta man permeates the culture. It is therefore refreshing that he chooses to be an exception and by him sporting a nice fade and efficiently delivering a good clean message he is more of a rebel than many who buy into the “Rastaman” image. God he’s dreamy.

  4. In this Global Recession he’s got his priorities right. In his début song “Winner” displays his go-getter almost anything goes attitude that guarantees success. This also makes for a good provider.

  5. He is a good storyteller form start to finish with his songs you get a very vivid image of the thoughts and feelings he tries to convey. His songs are properly constructed so that listeners can appreciate the fact that effort went into making an introduction, verses, chorus, bridge etc. Thank you Konshens.

  6. Did I mention he’s dreamy? While not metro he does seem to actually put some effort into his appearance, at the same time not being a bleached face, tight pants wearing confused male who needs to prove to the world how much he fits the approved male archetype by singing anti-gay songs and by letting the world know how many women he has “daggered”. In short he is just well put together, you get the feeling he is pretty grounded in his values so by extension he exudes a timeless elegance so no matter what he wears, for e.g. wife-beaters and jeans or a suit, his swagger is still the same.

  7. “If you looking for me I’ll be at my baby yard,

    At my woman yard, oh at my empress yard.”

    One just has to respect a man who is able to strike a balance between his love for women and his need to be a womanizer. It is absolutely refreshing to know that there are REAL men who still know how to treat and pamper REAL women. Much respect is due to a man with enough good sense, that is able to differentiate between a community whore and an empress. There is a feeling of deep respect and love for the opposite sex, so you know he was brought up right.

  8. His voice is great and he has a nice flow. That is important cause no woman wants a man that sounds like Urkel.

  9. Right now he looks like he has staying power. Thus far most of the songs we hear from him display a timeless quality about them. It is easy to see him many many years from now effectively doing vintage shows and drawing huge crowds. He shows so much potential to become his own giant instead of being the next [Insert name here]. He is just Konshens with his own style and sound.

  10. He is good boyfriend material for some nice Dragon, Ox, Monkey, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, and maybe Cancer mix. His earth element says he is reliable strong, hardworking and practical. The fact that he is a Capricorn means he is supposedly charming by nature, very focused, good with money, and apparently intelligent and quick-witted. His Rat makes him pretty thrifty, astute and possess really great instincts and he likes nice things (I don’t know what that’s suppose to mean I thought everyone did). His possible down side is his stubbornness and he would be very secretive, good memory so he won’t forget to hold a grudge if he feels he was wronged. His inner perfectionist at times will be a bit overbearing. If you can live through that then he is your number 1, you know if you're into that sort of stuff.


  1. is whe you get dem PSCHO-OBSESSIVE picture deh from? ah bet you i find it in the back of your notebook, or your scrap...not a bad post still, something for the groupies fi tink bout, aside from the fact seh is a artiste so dem haffi get wid him

  2. ^_^hehehe is from mi shrine lol. I’m glad you like man and I think I ended up liking him more after I put some thought into it and actually wrote it. I think number 3 esp. cause who says you cant have a fade and sing good clean music with out being a Christian artist. To be honest I think I’ll be a little disappointed if he started looking like the rest.

  3. You have talent and i must admit Konshens is indeed an excellent artist. But my girl him too young for you still and a big girl like you should not be having this type of obsession now.

  4. here's reason 11: