Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!

The evil that men do live after them;
The good is oft interred with their bone
..But here I am to speak what I do know.
You all did love him once with out cause
What cause withholds you then to morn him?
Julius Caesar; William Shakespeare

The recent death of the proclaimed King of Pop Michael Jackson sent shock waves across the world. Never before has a contemporary artiste influenced the world in so many ways. He hit number one on so many charts and held that position for much longer than possibly than any other artist before him. He also did this before the days of iTunes and Facebook. In death as in life, many flock to get a piece of and/or capitalize on one who clearly was very vulnerable. Now more than ever, attention whores come out from the woodwork to praise his greatness while pushing hidden and not so veiled agendas. One wonders, why is it that important to know every single minute detail of his life and the circumstances of his death as oppose to doing the respectful thing which would be to honor his body of work, his mountain of achievements and his charity. Instead we are bombarded by what prescription drugs he was allegedly addicted to, how much his children don’t have his DNA, and why he cant be buried yet.

It would be very hard to find a young musician or person who wasn’t influenced at some point by Michael Jackson. From the most hardcore head banging rock head, the Hype-to- death flossing dancehall ‘rudeboys’ or none English speaking polka enthusiast and every one else in between. Unfortunately, for a great deal of his life much of his contributions were overshadowed by allegations of him being a pedophile, addicted to plastic surgery and an all round crazy person. Hence spawning the nickname ‘Wacko Jacko’, and I’m sure we all remember him dangling Blanket over a Paris hotel rail, you know so the crowd could feel his essence but not see his face... No doubt these labels only added to his already psychological and emotionally painful and clearly fragile state. Money buys a lot of things - nice clothes, good lawyers, Lisa-Marie Presley but happiness…not so much. I still wonder why people thought it was a good idea to leave children in his care besides the fact that it pays 20 million every time he plays purple touch with them and give them Jesus Juice.

Personally, as crass and heartless as this may sound I am very happy Michael Jackson is dead. At least now he has rest and contentment. Forever removed from elements that sought to exploit and maliciously hurt the boy who never grew up.


  1. Gotta admit it is a bit late however in my defense I wrote it during my exile in computer limbo^_^

  2. What a friend of mine said in msn after reading this. I thought was relevant:

    "Personally I only see michael jackson as a great dancer, I dont apreciate his music, I went to wact his show at barcelona football stadium oacked with 100.000 people and the show had a total lack of soul, was like a disneyland production where every minute was studied by some jewish bigman to mek a bag of $$. I didnt like his bleachin, and I don like pop music, so MJ pass has been very irrelevant
    I didnt like his business wid pickeny eidda, I dont like her family, very sorry, I cant mourn his death"

  3. I just "like" how your friend uses the term "jewish bigman" when it comes to dealing with the bag of money...

  4. Well, long live is right, apparently he's still around doing his thriller thing, as can be seen in this youtube video from cnn

    If this is true, then he's very restless...also, I heard that the kid who accused him of playing purple touch with his no-no place, came out and said his father told him to accuse Jacko so they could get money...sooo, I guess he wasn't a pedo, just a poor sad lonely man shell.

    As always D, you did another excellent write up. Do my write up when I'm no longer here.