Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kadine and Bounty: A love story

'Me and Rodney are going to work it out,'

That was the statement made to the Jamaica Star and a few other dancehall related sites by Ms. Kadine Baker. The woman who Rodney ‘Bounty Killer’ Price allergy beat like a slave without papers recently, now is saying that she is willing to work it out with the artiste and wants to see him released.

Ms. Baker, the complainant in Mr. Price’s current assault case, which is now before the court, said she reported the matter to the police because at the time of the alleged incident, she was angry.

Kadine told the Star:
"I reported it at the time because I was upset, but it's the first domestic offence and me and Rodney are going to work it out."

While admitting that she had in fact told the deejay that the relationship was over, she said: "I don't want it to end again, 'cause wi good."

She said she is really bothered by the fact that the deejay is now in custody and said: "Mi really waan see him back pan di road. I think him learn him lesson now."

Baker said the two have been a couple for three years and began dating after the deejay expressed a liking for her. She said: "We have had our disputes, but it has never been physical."

Baker, a model and student, is set to appear in deejay Spice's video for the single Back Broad. She is the one in the white. Also can one of her friends rent or download that Tina Turner movie for this young lady because clearly she needs some help.

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