Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bounty Denied Bail

In case you were wondering Bounty Killer will have to spend at least the next week in jail after he was denied bail in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court Wednesday April 7,2010 on assault charges.

Bounty, has been in custody since Monday when he was arrested on a warrant by officers from the Constant Spring Police Station.

The court heard that on March 30, his girlfriend Kadeem Baker a student and model, told police that the deejay had assaulted her. She had been involved with the deejay for three years, and when she told him that she wanted to end the relationship and had moved on with her life he got Cross! Hangry! Misarable! and hit her all over her body. It was also alleged that after his arrest the deejay threatened the complainant, in the presence of police officers.

As this was revealed in court, Bounty shook his head defiantly, disagreeing with the allegations.

Bounty was led into court along with other inmates, and pleaded not guilty before Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey. His lawyer, Linda Wright, in attempting to get bail for the accused, said her client did not threaten the complainant. She also challenged the officers to produce a signed statement, whether by an officer who overheard the alleged threat or by the complainant herself.

Ms. Baker revealed that she did not sign that statement as at the time she was reconsidering pressing charges. The police told the court that the complainant was surrounded by a circle of entertainers who were encouraging her to do away with the case. A policeman said the complainant was fearful for her life.

The deejay's attorney said the artiste did not make a threatening call in front of the police at the station and said, in fact, that it was Ms. Baker who had informed the officer that she had received a call from the deejay. She said it was at this point that the officers confiscated the Killa's phone. The attorney said the allegations had been exaggerated as the medical report attached to the file was very general and made no reference to any serious injuries.

RM Pusey told the court that the deejay had a similar matter before the court recently that was dismissed at the complainant's request. She said: "He had a very similar case recently and this one is going in the same direction, just because of the notoriety of the accused. But I am not impressed by those things. I am not concerned about Bounty Killer."

She said she would not grant bail as the accused was currently on bail for a gun-related and assault matter, as well as a marijuana charge, and the law speaks strongly about persons who reportedly commit offences while on bail. She also said the allegation of threats made to the complainant was another factor why bail was being denied.

The matter will be tried on April 14.

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