Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bugle and the Man Purse

Now I’m not picking on Bugle, I feel kind of sorry for him after all he exercise every day and he is still not fit. But why if he has friends and people around him why is it that he constantly go out in public in pants that have the consistency of female leggings? Now the good man is looking to 6year old girls for inspiration. The only people I know of who would actually wear such an accessory and think they are high fashion is a pre-teen girl. If you ask me I think his pants were too tight so his wallet could not fit in his pockets... but now i wonder does he have to tuck if that's the case?


  1. The 'purse' is a silkscreen print... It's a Louis Vuitton sport jacket with a print on it... Just another win for the fashion industry male emasculation machine...

  2. Yeah babe but at what point does the person go no that's not me, that's not my style, i wont be a carbon-copy i will be an individual. I mean i love a well put together man prob. more than the next girl but really even if Bugle et al don't know the meaning of male emasculation at some point he should look in the mirror and say: "Is a dance mi a go an is a big luuu fi a gangster wear him baby-mother purse."
    Thanks for the comment love^_^