Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bail for Bounty

Bail for beating up your girlfriend of 3years $200,000. Posting bail before it is your turn to empty the morning bucket priceless. If Bounty Killa had a Master Card advertisement right now it would sound something like that.
Along with the granting of bail, Resident Magistrate Georgiana Fraser has since ordered Rodney ‘Bounty Killa’ Pryce to participate in mediation sessions and that he must report to the Constant Spring Police station on Wednesdays. Now that some real anger management.. get it .. Anger Management… oh forget it.
A stop order was also placed on him for travel and he is required to surrender all travel documents. Guess the RM Fraser didn’t hear that the U.S government already took care of that for her.
Bounty was previously denied bail because he had another matter in the Gun Court.
Killa is scheduled to return to court on June 29.

Unfortunately for the complainant Ms. Kadeem Baker who has since dropped the charges against the DJ her problems are just beginning. She has since been arrested and charged her for creating public mischief. Any bets on how many packs of smokes she is worth on the Fort Augusta Prison Exchange?


  1. Although me rate Bounty as an artist me lose offa him as a human being long time. Di man need fi get lockup wit Ninjaman since him a follow him example.
    Bounty need fi come off di crack pipe and stop gwaan wit him fuckery caw him a destroy him own career wit him Ike Turner antics.
    On a sidenote, him girlfriend is so fool no raatid. If you a put up wit a man who put him hands pon yu, yu sadly deserve what yu get. No bodda cry wolf di next time Rodney tump and box yu down.

  2. Couldn't have said it better man, thanks for the comment.