Friday, April 30, 2010

Ed Solo, Skool Of Though - When I Was A Youth

Thanks Mike for turning me on to dubstep, and this group I'm in love.

Got this one from Sexy Gio all the way in Italy. How do i know Gio is sexy? Well Gio is Italian and they only know how to make sexy people, sexy shoes, sexy clothes, sexy art, sexy cars... really do i need to go on? Big up yu self Gio and thanks for the love^_^


  1. hi!
    i'm following and loving your blogs since some time now! So finally i'll post this comment both to thank you and to point out this other "Hard Times" dubstep remix :)
    nuff lov from Italy

  2. Awww Gio thanks for the comment, FYI i go ape shit for comments, don't be a stranger ok xoxox