Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Freak in the Dancehall

Recently Vybz Kartel dropped his song Go Go Club in which he tells ladies in the massage parlors (wink wink nudge nudge) and strippers that he loves them, to do whatever makes them happy and above all else be proud of their ability to give good head.
“Gal be a freak I'll never complain
Unless mi a cuss bout gimmi more brain
Deal wid it till de cocky head sprain...
So go down now come up back mi baby
Weh u tongue deh mi a beg yu put it pon mi”
Now oral sex among other things is very taboo in the Dancehall culture and most artists tend to avoid it like the plague. Unless of course its women who are the providers of the “service”.

For a good many people the term freak denotes images of sideshows at carnivals, cages with wolf boys, bearded ladies and individuals with tattoos covering the entire body. As with most words it’s neither good nor bad it’s just a word persons tend to assign power to.
But more often than not a freak seems to be any one comfortable enough in their sexuality to do something more than god forbid doggy style, lizard lap and missionary. Oh yeah, and the occasional head top.

No doubt to say the industry is very male dominated would be an understatement. Yes there are women who excel such as Lady Saw and Cecil but no matter how sexy and feminine they have the luxury to be now initially they had to be twice as hard and good as the boys in this dick grabbing male posturing game. Call it fear of the woman and what she stands for, creation, the power over life, the home, love and the ability to disturb the male disposition. Or the need to prove their manhood much of which may be considered flawed as its expressions seem violent and contrary to behavior of a functional society. A good friend puts it this way,
“Ital Pork Ras says:
mi nu tell u already n no ja man nu fraid a gal all when them cock dead dem nu fraid u”
That’s not it, it can’t be. So what is it then? The fragile male ego and the need to maintain an image of dominance in a society that continually robs most young men of outlets to prove themselves and it seems the only initiation into manhood that most ever get is “go breed something”.

It’s so funny but you get the feeling that murderers get more respect than any one who gives orals. Selectors across the board 'big up shottas, dons and gunman dem.' However 'yu haffi bun a fire pon a bwoy whe eat the pussy like Sunday dinner.' To which you can see the hypocrites and terminally lost explode with such emotion you would think you were in the middle of a new years celebration or that Manchester United playing Arsenal. Across the board men seem to fall in line even if it is an act which they love to indulge they remain mum about their actions. Instead choosing to describe every detail the freak of the week who couldn’t stay over night did. Movado says
“Man whe suck pussy sick mi”
Good cause it’s not Movado him mus sweet.
Kartel says
“Freaky gal mi wah fi see”
Which leaves you to wonder how long can one get away with one-sided freakiness?

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  1. KARTEL a freak pussy him a eat can't touch di street

  2. DWL does it matter what TYPE of pussy you eat btw, is there some sort of pussy eating hierarchy that you can tell me bout so that the ppl dem nuh eat the wrong pussy and think its ok

  3. yow Kartel a di real Mr. Oral, right now he is the only real man in the music biz because him defend him thing away. 99.999% of them other DJ a eat pussy and a lick out against it like a crime.

    Kartel Bicycle a big tune..."Mi luv wen u go dun n ole a vibes likkle...u wah pull it like cigarette when u dun listerine get it offa u breath" The man nu wah nu boring gal

  4. it is nutritious and magically delicious