Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vybz Kartel Fertility God?

Fertility God or just Fuck Demon Vybz Kartle is like Marvin Gaye to the contemporary Jamaican bed room. I don't know if it’s what is said or how he says it but across the board women seem to respond in very moist ways when it comes to the "rawness" of lyrics in general. Why is it that women get so hot and bothered to a "Tek Fuk" as opposed to the myriad of other uplifting 'Women are queens and should be loved and respected' songs?


Radio Edit

I did this mini fact finding mission at work and I found it very funny the number of Kartel babies out there. Also it was so funny not only the information got but how passionate people were when they spoke about doing the nasty to a Kartel cd. I especially loved it when a co-worker related to me a story of how her boyfriend sent her flowers at work, made a lovely dinner, later took a nice hot bath but made the mistake of playing some recent Kartel as background on their way to bed. She said everything romantic instantly went out the window and she almost "NYHM HIM ALIVE"!

So now I would like you to answer two questions for me. Why is it that women, especially the good girl types get so primal for a nasty nasty Kartel song? second What is YOUR favorite dirty dirty Kartel song to get down on?

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  1. for all of nasty f*ck songs apparently he can't f*ck worth a damn (check JMG for the scoops)... so I guess he's over compensating...

  2. What is wrong with you women? Dem nuh want good guys dem want what glitter, even if its jus words smh

  3. Oh god @ramramram i am such a JMG junkie ^_^ I think she is so good at getting all the juicy dirt on everyone.