Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vybz Kartel Responds To Bounty Killer's Song

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Vybz Kartel destroyed Bounty Killer's lyrical jibe in a song dubbed 'Vybz Kartel -- Bownty's Killa' where he threatens 'anywhere mi see yu Killa, mi ah go shotta box'. He also makes references to Killa's oral abilities with stinging lines calling him an informer in the infamous Rat Bat Seaview episode, reveals intimate details of Killa's exploits with an ex-girl Peaches, calls him a plagiarist for stealing Spragga Benz's diss song and generally makes fun of the Warlord's street credibility.
Kartel starts off strong with a stinging series of lines:

How yu fi say yu nuh waan gal weh freaky?
Killer? Weh used to nyam Milk pussy weekly
Shorty never tell the pussy nothing bout no pee pee
But Angel tell everybody say yu suck it like sweetie

Kartel’s scorched earth policy means that he uses any item in his ‘Killer file’ to dismantle the Warlord’s reputation, using name-dropping Bounty’s former flames into the diss song at will. Check it: “Peaches tell me say yu nyam under her till yu belch when it digest. BURP” and “Kedine from Havendale say yu a shark, regular she shit inna yu mouth and fart”. When he delivers those lines, they don’t sound like inventive disses but bonafide facts he has access to because of his status as a superstar who knows these groupies personally.

He also finds a way to weave in former friends such as Bling Dawg and Wayne Marshall into the fabric of his song. He takes a stab at Bling when he deejays: If yu see batty inna the centre, yu faggy/Ah Bling Dawg brief yu tek off, not baggy. Wayne Marshall also gets a sidehanded diss as well as he deejays: Listen back the Schoolbus style/Don’t fuck inna the school bus, mi tell the chile/Killa, yu ears clog up with Marshall cocky oil/The Teacha anno paedophile.

Kartel has the full file on all the Alliance secrets, compiled when he was a member of the crew. He drops an allegation that is as disgusting as it is vile when he deejays: True Angel go siddown pon a next man peg /Killa, yu go hear and go frass inna yu head/ yu go ah the gal yard go shit pon her head/ who don’t believe Kartel, ask Angel.

He defends his songs, from Don’t Fuck Inna the School Bus to Pussy Pathologist to Virginity with wicked glee as he smears Killer’s already-blackened rep, but why the hell are you reading this when you could have been listening to the song.


  1. how can any straight Jamaican listen to and condone kartell, if he stood in front of me I would dis-own him for being a teacher that just teaches the Jamaican public foolishness, do u know what we stand for and against, we the slaves that said NO so what the bumberc***t kartell feel like, we don’t like freaky batty boys that take coke and love chat bullshit how is it lyrical to talk about taking lil gal virginity and ah beg fi freaky gal tell me wha you ah do wid freaky gal unless ah batty and pu**y you ah suck hmm I know what kartell fans like then coz thats ALL he got to talk about and there’s nothing in that I want to hear.
    right now bounty have a song forget the clash song for 1 minute, LEAST LIL TING AND DEM READY TO POP IT OFF is more lyrical then anything kartell has done for 2 years much less anything else, i never heard kartell chat sense and be lyrical at the same time no POOR PEOLPLE FED from hell bwoy is there, name me ONE I challenge you.
    yet when only chatting the wrong thing and nastiness’ does he thrive and be lyrical which means he is not VERSITILE at all just immature, I cant have this man as one of the main celebrity faces of the Jamaican industry we can come from BOB MARLEY to this in 35 years people, you must want peter tosh to come back from the dead and spray some bullets of sense inna freakybwoy fans head to rah,
    capleton is my DJ but I will tell you kartell don’t reach nowhere near killer, I own over 300 released bounty killer songs argument done, kartell fans are all either under 21 or 30 year olds who can’t grow up, child like lyrics and word play thats why

  2. You know babe as with a lot of things we get the entertainers we deserve. When we all demand more we get more and that’s across the board love.

  3. Kartel is the worst man that hold a mic. next thing i cant see is lyrics as bad as bounty because bounty would never sing shit like those. and if u people should listen the different in the songs that alliance do and what empire do. u can see that the alliance have a genius behind them, they got more reality in song than most artist because u can see through what they are saying, if u people don't like what am sayingg well close your eye cause this is real talk. and u people keep saying kartel is the best i wanna know in what way, there are alot of artist that in ja that is much lyrical than kartek and write better song. why kartel did start do song when he came out of alliance about them i think because he is the badmind one u leave the crew u should just do u thing and easy u self u start do dis song bout the people who put u where u are he is not better than any one in alliance i cant see that possible at all. that is why he keep dissing them because he knows what he is up againce. he cant even ride a rhythm well. he just cant be a dj like busy and them artist. kartel could not manage mavado much less dissing killer. look how many artist call his name and he dont repond because they will kill him in real life if he answer them but take bounty for joke because killa goingg easy lately but i know for sure he cant manage killa in nothing, beside killa use to write his songs but it easier he make some one write song for him, and why would people write for him all the time them when they aint getting pay and satisfied whit what they get. i think kartel came out of alliance because he want them to flop because he use to make people think he is the main one in it because he wrote some songs but now he is out alliance better tahm ever so he dont like that because people find out by know that he is a liar. so he making up some things he think is fans will beievee bout the alliance witch all are lies any body can tell lise for people to believe but me for sure not gonna believe a thing that freak says. so a unnu alone. him no half bad like bounty in nothing at all. bounty make lyrics off what he sees but kartel make lyrics to make his fans laugh but am sorry for them because he taking them all to hell with him.