Friday, August 7, 2009

Junior Reid Owes Fish Money

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Reggae singer Junior 'One Blood' Reid has been summoned to appear in the Linstead Resident Magistrate's Court on September 7 for $45,000 worth of fish that he allegedly failed to pay for.
Allegations are that on June 6, the entertainer took fish from the complainant, Besta Lloyd, with the agreement to pay for it after his annual show, Junior Reid Birthday Bash, held the same day in Portmore, St Catherine.
After making a number of requests for his money and not receiving a favourable response from the artiste, legal redress was sought.
Mr. Lloyd went to the Spanish Town Court's office in St Catherine, where he secured a summons to serve on the entertainer.
It is alleged the document was served personally on Reid at his Eastwood Park Road office on Wednesday for his appearance in court. However, Reid said he was not served a summons.
"I don't know nothing 'bout that enuh. I don't see no police. I can't talk 'bout that," Reid said.
He also said he will be leaving Jamaica today for a show in Portland, Oregon. He said he would return by Sunday for his son's, Wada Blood, birthday party. After that, he will return to the United States for two weeks to perform at several shows. If this story has any truth to it then this is utter carelessness on the part of Junior Reid. I mean in this economy you blow more than $45, 000 in one night drinking with friends so that’s chump change to go to court for. Regardless its still a funny story.


  1. HAHA, this is really funny, put this up there on the #2 spot of the "Things We'd Never Expect Rastas to Do" list, #1 still holding strong as "Capleton's flag waving posse pillow fighting in a hotel room".

  2. Yeah funny, and also bit embarrassing. But from i post this i keep getting stories along the line that this is normal for him instead of a one off incident. So that’s sad.
    Re: #1 Not even if is some hot girls in the room pillow fighting? Hey it could happen. ^_^