Friday, August 7, 2009

Kartel Responds to Queen Ifrica

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel says Queen Ifrica is a hypocrite for having a problem with his song 'Virginity'.
In a release Vybz Kartel bashed Queen Ifrica for what she said about his song in a story published earlier this week.
In the story 'Ifrica disapproves of Virginity', published in the Wednesday STAR, Queen Ifrica said: "Mi hear Kartel with a song name Virginity weh mi nuh too like. The fact that him a talk bout a likkle girl weh him tek her virginity. Him a talk bout two drop a blood pon her frock and madda ago beat her fi dat. Mi nuh hear no big woman weh a mek dem talk deh. Mi nuh too waan talk bout it (Kartel's song), fi promote it neither."
However, Vybz Kartel said the song is about him and a girl reminiscing about their teenage years, and not of an older man seducing an underage girl.
He further stated: "They think they are the police force of morality when they're just hypocrites. If you, Ifrica, don't like my song, so what? The fans love it. Queen Ifrica and others like her are all hypocrites and acting like they are paragons of virtue."
Kartel said in the release: "People should understand their perspective of the issue and ignore everything else, but they don't offer the same to other artistes."
He said the music he creates was not intended for other artistes to critique, as they are for his fans.
"The ladies love it bad, bad," he said.

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