Saturday, December 11, 2010

When Kartel Did Black

To quote Marcus Garvey or any other black leader who had a positive opinion on black skin would be an utter waste. I never understood Bleaching, I can't understand how this is an actual phenomena in the same place that gave birth to Marcus Garvey. The main thing I don't get is some Bleachers will never admit that that is in fact what is being done. Opting for euphemisms such as "rub" and "tone". Bleaching Lord Kartel said his metamorphosis happened by using only cake soap(washing soap) and sitting in air conditioned rooms all day. One thing that I will always love about the internet is its full of information. So here is a bit of information for anyone who happens to be a true friend of Kartel to remind him that he is supposed to be black.





Its so bad he has his own soap

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