Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 National Biennial

Today was the opening of the National Biennial Exhibition. It will run from December to March and features eighty (80) artist, thirty (30) were invited while the others gained their place through a jury system.

The fifth edition of the biennial was pretty much a snooze fest. It was hard to hear the guest speaker Ms. Kay Osborne, which in this case might have been a good thing as the bits and pieces that you did hear were pretty boring. 

Guest Speaker Kay Osborne in front of work by Phillip Thomas

As opening art shows go especially in Jamaica, it was much of the same. There was so much social masturbation and hand jobs going on, thank goodness the quality of work being shown was so potent to cut through the stink of social climbing. 

L to R: Veerle Poupey, Joseph A. Matalon, David Boxer

David Boxer

"I was the Guest Speaker at the National Gallery and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt."

In spite of  the first day foolishness there are so many great Jamaican artists and I was happy to see so many great works in one place at one time. Some I particularly liked were from Kemar Swaby Hands of the Beholder (Mixed Media), Sekani (Akindele Hickling) The Valiant Warrior, Khalfani Ra Paradise or Tasmanian Devil The Great Taboo(Wax Acrylic on Bible Pages). 

Jody Ann Macmillan- Made in Jamaica (oil on canvas)

Marlon James

Marlon James- Janus (Digital Print)

Raymond Watson

Raymond Watson- Rhythm (Stone Resin Steel)

Omari Ra
In many societies art galleries tend to be seen as being an intimidating place Jamaica is no different, however I do hope you all take the step and go see the show. Find out more about the artists you like and MOST IMPORTANTLY. BUY THE WORK FROM ARTISTS YOU LIKE.  I don't know why people think artist survive on love and weed, they need cash too. 

Gene Pearson, O.D.

Gene Pearson, O.D. - Blue Mountain (Raku, Height 59cm)


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