Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open Season

When did gunmen declare open season on Jamaican Dancehall artist? In two short days as many artists have been shot. The latest is Ewart Everton Brown more popularly known as Mad Cobra. Reports are that he was shot in in a section of the Braeton, Phase 1 Community, Portmore. Cobra and a group of men had an dispute, which resulted in the deejay being shot. He was then rush and admitted to the Spanish Town Hospital and currently being treated for a gunshot wound to the chest. Sources state that he is still alive but was bleeding badly from his mouth, nose and chest.

Presently his condition is serious but stable. He has done an X-Ray and should be heading to the operating theater at the moment.

Cobra has spoken the police who at the time were at the hospital to get as much details as to what took place. Although he has not said much, he was able to speak to persons who are their to give their support.

It’s alleged that he was shot around 7pm.

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