Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is a weird place… but here goes, let me firstly apologize to all my readers for such a long absence. It started with the whole Dudus, State of Emergency thing (still on by the way). Then I got busy on other projects all of which you will see in the coming weeks months etc. In essence I am sorry if you felt neglected and the whole time I was away from you all I felt like a bastard.

With that said the above is Wayne Marshall's new video 'My Heart'. To be honest I never thought I’d ever post a Wayne Marshall video on my blog but stranger things have happened. It’s not a particularly good video however the reason I posted it was I just couldn’t stop laughing at Mavado's cameo appearance. It reminded me of his other cameo in an equally awful video with Drake where one of his Goons reports;
"Dawg yu know badman nuh watch gal BUT..."

I always find it funny that there are a lot of things that ‘Badman nuh do’. Like watch gal, cry over gal, wash fi gal, and so on and so on. One gets the feeling that the Badman Handbook is a ‘do as I as I say and not as I’ do kind of tome. You don’t have to listen to the song but if you do, it’s going to get stuck in your head - that’s my attempt at a disclaimer- but I do hope you find it as funny as I did.


  1. nice vid. love the moody clouds with gold lightning bolts in Mavado's dressing room in the vid. where was it shot?

  2. Hey! longtime reader first time commenter

    The HEatwave in the UK has a list of "badman commandments" with many of the mny things Badman nuh do. It's funny to see them all listed out. Here's vol. 1:
    vol. 3:

  3. can somebody tell me where to download the full song plz im only getting it from movados verse