Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who Cares About Another Dead Negro

Yesterday Oneil from Voice Mail got shot outside his home at about 1:00am. He was on his way to a dance,presently he is still in the hospital battling for his life. His condition however seems very grim if you follow the accounts in the news. In what feels like the murder capital of the world why should any one care about another man who gets shot for something as unforgivable as minding his own business. So far it’s only May and it is safe to say that already over 500 persons met untimely and violent deaths. To put things in perspective from the 1st January to May 31st is only 151 days. We have managed to kill more persons than days in the year. What a great achievement?

There are many cowards that commit heinous acts like shooting innocent productive people. Persons with lives that positively touched other individuals, persons who were bread winners and paid their taxes, they however become statistics. Lets assess the situation for a minute there were many a statistic that no one bothered to care about. No Peace and Prayer Vigil in Half-Way-Tree and the Kingston Public Hospital so what makes one negro different form the other? Is one person’s life more important because he and/or she just happen to entertain, be in the public eye or is from a more comfortable socioeconomic background? What about those who teach, build, do accounts are they less important because you cannot readily place a name to a face?

We are all stupid to think crime, death and injustice are events that happens to the ‘Them’. Always the ‘other’, those who ‘deserve’ the end they got. Never to us, or the ones we love. The music fraternity is filled with morons, to some how think that they have immunity from the crime and violence that ALL Jamaicans face daily. Somehow there is a get out of Jail free card from acts of violence because you glorify gunmen and encourage them to commit Murder in very imaginative ways. How disgustingly naive for them to think that a negro with a gun should care about the “other negro”. Why? When the ‘Laugh and shat dem’ mentality is what Dancehall portrays. Don’t act surprised when your chickens come home to roost.

If anyone cared, really cared Jamaica would not have a crime problem. If any one really cared Jamaica would not have a financial. problem. If anyone cared there wouldn’t be an education problem a health problem instead it would just be Jamaica no Problem. Pain, disgust and outrage about any event are all just 9-day wonders here. And on the 10th day a child will be raped and murdered and no one will care. There is so much the music fraternity could do, all of us can do to put some dent in crime monster that seeks to swallow us whole. but instead of action there is a national numbness that crass stupid bastards thrive on.

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