Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr Lexx Charged with Rape in New York

Dancehall artiste Mr Lexx was arrested and charged with rape in New York, USA According to a report Christopher Palmer or Mr. Lexx, was arrested and charged with rape Friday October 16, after a woman reported to the police that he sexually molested her in her room at a hotel in Queens, New York. According to the report, he was bailed on Saturday October 17, and is booked to appear in court on November 2. He is not allowed to leave the United States until his court appearance.
Full Story in the Star:


  1. Free Missa Lexsucks!!! Him a look fi boost record sales and street cred...Jah Cure a trendsettah...then again, it could be true or the woman a cry wolf, who knows!?!? only the 2 of them know

  2. finally lexx get free of all charges! bullit bullit bullit..di uman is di biggest i hope she is brave nuff to come outta har yard..