Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jamaican Bandleader Sonny Bradshaw Died

Legendary bandleader and jazz musician Sonny Bradshaw has died. The celebrated trumpeter, who was 83 years old passed away in a London hospital on Saturday night (October 10, 2009).

Bradshaw suffered further complications from a stroke he had in August and died at 11:00 p.m. (London time) at the Queen's Hospital in Renford. Bradshaw had been struggling with a heart condition for nearly 10 years.
Mr. Bradshaw will be remembered as a Godfather to the development Jamaican Jazz and the overall growth of young Jamaican musicians.
The body of the late Jamaican Jazz icon is to be returned to Jamaica for burial at a time yet to be announced. Family members have confirmed that Mr. Bradshaw will be buried in Jamaica and plans are being put in place for his body to be returned to the island.
Mr. Bradshaw is survived by his wife noted jazz singer and actress Merna Hague, two children and grandchildren. Our condolence to the family. Jamaicans and lovers of the music everywhere mourn the passing of a foundation musician and a great man.

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