Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heineken Green Synergy

The Heineken Green Synergy DJ Competition is quite possibly the best thing to happen to DJs' in Jamaica. It gives local DJs' the opportunity to move up from mere no name selectors to household names all the time acquiring skills that on their own may take a lifetime to even be aware of let alone perfect. This year was no different as DJs from all over the island competed for the top prize of over 2 million dollars in cash and equipment. Compared with previous years this Green Synergy was very sparse. It may had something to do with the fact that DJ Naz got kicked out in the semi-finals.

This year’s finalists were DJ Jagga from the cool, lush parish of Portland and DJ Chungy from cool, cool Mandeville. The title however went to Portland and it felt like no one was left in the parish by the thunderous roars of applause when the patrons read the name on the trophy seconds before the announcement. In a previous interview with the Gleaner Jagga sounded off on his rival Chungy and his now winning strategy;
"I have great respect for Chungy,"
"He is one of the humblest persons and he has great skills. You can't take him lightly. You have to be prepared in every way."
"I never underestimate an opponent,"
"I enter each contest with an open mind."

A first for the Jamaican Heineken Green Synergy DJ Competition was the entrance of a very able female DJ. Although she only made it to the Semi-finals, DJ Naz was a force to be reckoned with. It was really cool to watch her work and one got the feeling that her male opponents usually didn’t know what to do with her. Hot chick in-front of them you got the feeling they wanted to come over and try and get her number, but before they realized what was happening the hot chick with skills just sent home a selector boy. Looking forward to seeing more from her.

And then there was the clash. First off DJ Bambino drop a wicked dub of Spragga Benz 'Tiny Tot' the dub so wicked it made you forget everything that came before it even the name of who he was duelling. Yes! It was that BAD. Then there was the big clash between veterans Ricky Trooper and Jack Scorpio. Both played excellent sets, as one would expect from men with many years of experience under their belts. The executions of the sets were vastly different and as a result there was much dispute as to who won. Trooper was like an M16 in the heat of battle everything was fast to the point and when his dubs connected you know something either dead or dying. Scorpio however was more laidback; he said he was playing for the girls, talked about his hair and big up his hairdresser an all dease tings. One almost expected Ragga Shanty to jump on stage and say "Reeeeeeeeee". However the cardinal sin that Scorpio committed was to play a song that had already been played before. Over all it was still a good clash.

G Whizz managed to show, do his 3 songs and cut. Funny not much security around him seeing as he still messing around with other people's property and the death threats are still outstanding. Like he said him life soon sort out.

Ding Dong went for some Hood Preppy look topped off with the very dumb but oh so trendy Nerd Glasses. On the bright side it’s suppose to make you look smart? Also could someone please explain his Mantourage? One bag a man inna tight pants dancing in unison that’s not gay at all. To be fair to Ding Dong his performance was ok and he had the crowd dancing so what more could he ask for.

SEVEN!! In his Recession pants suit.

L.A. Lewis was all over the place at this year's Green Synergy, what can you say more than he was so Sobolious.

The ladies were out in all shapes and sizes, which is always a good thing.

Camella Goodas.

It takes all sorts….

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