Saturday, June 13, 2009

Major Lazer

For those who missed it, uber Club DJs/Producers, Diplo and Switch invaded Quad Night club last night (June 12, 2009) to drop the much anticipated, the totally off the wall, dancehall-oriented Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do album. You missed it? Then you missed a hell of a party. Prince Zimbo killed it and to be honest, I can’t believe that the Quad is still standing after these party carnivores were done with it. MHAAADDD^_^ Check out these crazy pics by our own man on the scene Biggy Bigz.


  1. Actually if you were out on the floor you would have noticed that the vibe was very floppish- Zimboo's brief bit on the mic was the best moment of Diplo's set by far- the rest of the time he proved that he didn't do his research at all on how to play for the Jamaican crowd, nor on how to launch a record. The whole night his selection was all over the place- from the Outhere Brothers "Boom Boom Boom" to a last year dancehall track, to a bunch of tunes that had just been played before him (the Gearbox riddim, that Brazillian joint that Busy rides, etc.) I didn't need to hear some farin yute playing random dancehall (poorly) with a few very random club and hip hop chunes.

    He's a great producer but Jamaican crowds will test the mettle of a DJ, and he failed miserably. A well organised and action packed one hour set with some more live participation would have left much more of an impact- instead most of the people I know who actually came specifically for D&S left saying WTF???

  2. OhHHHHH Noo... from my end i only got the everything smells like roses bit. Loved the critique baby don't be a stranger round these here parts. xxx