Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Big Ass Pain

Few nights ago I was trawling the Internet on my nightly Internet porn excursions, instead of that I found a leading candidate for the Dumbass Nigga Award. Rapper Faheem Rasheed Najm aka T-Pain apparently didn’t learn his lesson when he got his behind allegedly robbed and allegedly beaten not too long ago. Not one to be outdone with one chain-jacking the rapper went all out with his tempt to future would-be robbers with this 10lbs. 197kts and $410,000 price tag, gaudy monstrosity. Now robbing and beating a Niggah until he learns a lesson IS WRONG so… so… wrong. BUT never in the history of Niggadom has a Nigga needed an epic ass-whopping and jook down is this Nigga right here. I am very sure that Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. would look the other way in this case.

Pain's response to his critics is as follows:
10lbs. 197kts. Very very real I don’t know what fake feel like.$410,000. Hola seƱor recession proof. With 32 cars.Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account.I dont do dumb shit like this till I know the fams good. So don’t judge me from what I buy.Judge me from what I do.Cuz it’s so many artists that put themself before their family.but thank you

Recently the BIG ASS chain mingled with the likes of our Gully Gangster and other members of the Alliance such as Serani at the Summer Jam Show 2009. Here’s hoping that Movado lives by his word and nuh bother with the ‘Mac and Toasting’. In the sometimes symbiotic relationship between Dancehall and Hip Hop let’s hope that this is one trend Dancehall artistes leave to the Yankees.


  1. Wow. the funny thing is, it looks like a plastic thing you might get in a £1 discount store.

  2. ^_^ I know right, guess its like what Dolly Parton said;
    “You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!”
    It's getting him the attention he needs so I guess money well spent. But it does say a lot, money can buy you a lot of things but it can’t buy class.