Sunday, June 14, 2009

LA Lewis Evicted

Lord, my mommy always say trouble nuh set like rain and right now the Seven-star General LA Lewis can attest to that. The DJ who is more known for his all island graffiti work, shameless self-promotion and apparent iron balloon status was remanded Tuesday (June 9, 2009) by Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey. Lewis had appeared to answer to charges of housebreaking and larceny and assault in relation to allegations that he broke into the house of a former business associate and robbed her.
Not long after he was given a new date to return to court, the artiste returned after the complainant told police that he attempted to kiss her and had stood in her way outside of court. RM Pusey then ordered that he be taken to the holding area to see that the court was not a 'poppy show'. He was kept there until Friday June 12, 2009.

Lewis returned to find scores of spectators gathered outside his LA Lewis Enterprise Limited (24 Burlington Avenue in St Andrew), witnessing the removal of his furniture and equipment. While the rain fell, his belongings were being placed on either the sidewalk or in a truck parked a few metres away.

The weekend Star report on the incident is as follows:
When contacted after his eviction, LA Lewis confirmed that he was removed from the building. He said, however, that he had been speaking with the landlord's wife for an hour before the men arrived to remove his belongings.
"De lady (landlord's wife) seh mi balance a $60,000. Dem bring some letters and seh I was evicted. From December (2008) me never pay dem no rent, but mi did have a talk with di elder for the building and tell him seh mi a go pay him soon," LA Lewis told THE STAR.
However, Lewis said he paid $50,000 to the landlord a few weeks ago and he had also paid two months' security deposit. The deejay said that he had a five-year rental agreement with the landlord in which he would pay $19,000 each month.
According to the deejay, he was unable to pay his rent because he was losing business as a result of his court case. He said his business was going through a "depression" and he was involved in many different projects.
His eviction has only added to the stress ,and now LA Lewis has been forced to store his belongings in a warehouse. He also said that he does not know where his office will be located next.


  1. LMAO this is suppose to be thhhhee L.A. Lewis right rich and famous. This is funny as hell.

  2. LMAO this is suppose to be thhhhee L.A. Lewis right? the rich and famous. This is funny as hell

  3. I know but like i said i cant even make this up man. But don't worry the Queen will save him he got friends in High and Low places u know^_^