Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving Mountains X The Last Don

DiMaggio: The Last Don (web promo #4) from First on Vimeo.

Talked about but rarely seen (last time thanks to a bizarre power outage), DiMaggio: The Last Don will be screened again this Saturday at Moving Mountains, a three day music showcase featuring local and international dance deejays, high up in the Blue Mountains at Strawberry Hill Hotel.

Showtime on our day (Saturday, March 21) is 10:00 pm, hosted by Island boss Chris Blackwell and $1,500 entrance. For Saturday or Sunday a day pass costs up to $5,000 or $8,000 for the weekend, food-inclusive. They’re also offering tickets in a prize draw and not forgetting the menu, just some of it…

• Foil Roast Snapper with Vegetables and Okra Cooked Live on Grill
• BBQ or Jerk Chicken Cooked Live on Pimento Wood
Jerk Pork
• Marinated Grilled Vegetables (Garlic tomato sauce)
• Plain White Rice
• Roast Breadfruit with garlic butter

For more information on Moving Mountains check out their Twitter page or link them on Facebook.

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