Monday, March 8, 2010

The A.I.D.S. List

Remember when that rumor started about Elephant Man having A.I.D.S.? The last time I checked children don’t come from storks or planes but from unprotected sex. As is, his last child count seems to only be comparable to the time square debt clock. Then you had him playing a supporting role that gave Rosie her Groupie Award last year for her role in the drama How to Raffle a Belly: A love story. This had a number of prominent artists making cameo appearances mentioned for parental ownership. Names like Craig from Voicemail eventually with the aid of modern technology the belly sailed over to the Big Ship. The last time I checked that would mean a number of these artists are having unprotected sex with very questionable vaginas; forget sex workers (i.e. New Kingston prostitutes) the new high risk group in Jamaica are Entertainers.

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