Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chi Chi Badman Pt. 3

In Dancehall’s short history Bogle emerged to be the most prolific figure to be referred to as a dancer. His untimely death (as with the nature of untimely deaths for anyone in the spotlight) shot him up from a mare famous dancer in a certain subculture to known figure worldwide and dancehall innovator ultimately the benchmark that all other dancers in the particular genre aim for. His name is venerated in songs especially about dancing and he is fondly remembered by even those who are allegedly connected to his untimely demise. At the time his style was unique and for that period considered even a bit outrageous. Black leather, motorcycle boots, studded dog collars and thick heavy chains are usually associated with the more Sado- Masochist gay community instead of notorious Black Roses crew-member. However that was the wardrobe of choice for Mr. Gerald “Bogle” Levi, this inevitable fueled the argument that Bogle to date is the most successful Chi Chi Badman in the business. His statement “Out and bad” is argued to be more than just slang or the attitude needed to wear the gear he chose. Instead it alludes to his status of being a badman “out of the closet”.

Now there seems to be an endless stream of “Dancers” following in the path of Mr. Wakkie however, the chosen style seems more homosexual than Bogle could ever get away with. Ama’s observations are very keen as she states.

“It does not take a cryptologist to decipher the signs given off by the garish hair colour and styles, the loud earrings, the extravagantly designs and coloured clothing, and by the effeminate style of dancing and modeling of certain prominent Dancehall DJ’s and male dancers. They are gay, or at least bi-sexual. But it does not end there…  ..there is even a well known but ‘down-low’, local sub-culture of prominent Chi Chi Bad Men producers and managers in Dancehall Reggae. These ‘reducers’ and ‘damagers’.., interact mostly with the younger and more vulnerable artists, some of whom will do literally anything to succeed.”
“As a result, younger and newer Jamaican DJ’s moving in the wrong circles are now at serious risk of being propositioned for gay sex or even raped if they leave themselves carelessly. This may be one of the reasons for the lyrical fixation on homosexuality by many Dancehall DJ’s. They may have been confronted with a lot of secret gay activity in the business; may have been victimized or solicited into secret taboo relationships; and may be covering up their dual identity by verbally lashing out against gays in general.”

I find myself constantly asking where are the real men? It cannot be that this is all Jamaican women have to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong there is a vast difference between men who are a little Metro (which many women appreciate), and a Chi chi Badman. There is nothing wrong with a who takes care of himself and appearance, there is nothing wrong with a man who gets his nails done, nothing wrong with him going to the spa to get a proper facial and ingrown hairs taken care of and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a nice smelling man. We know the problems, but the important thing is how we fix this dysfunctional situation.

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