Sunday, November 21, 2010

The MIA Blogger

I’m afraid to post on my own blog. I’m s such a weird-o.  I can’t say I’m a perfectionist because I’m not,  but what I can tell you is I never give the good stuff when my life is happy and well adjusted. I’m trying to fix that; after all this blog started when I was going through a dark sad period in my life. So what have I been up to? I have been really happy.  I’m also leaving the nest pretty soon which is pretty overwhelming and exciting feeling. I know I won’t be ready for everything but I’m not afraid. I keep having weird dreams about waking up in my truly awesome  apartment with hardwood floors and I’m starting to think that I’m a little bit crazy seeing as I haven’t seen this apartment in real life yet. Something about myself I did not know...  I’m pretty blond, and I find it hilarious that some days I’m a walking dumb blond joke.  Finally on the personal level old friends are coming back into my life I am happy for their return but I do have a long memory everything is taken with a grain of salt.

What’s in the pipeline?
The very long overdue already written but I don’t like the conclusion interview I did with one of my most favorite designers Biggy.  Chi Chi Badman a look at the homosexual bad man.  Bhutu inna Benz why the more prudent choice is to wipe your ass with your cash and flush it down the toilet instead of spending it on VIP ticket for most Jamaican parties. I’ll return to where I started thanks in part to a request from @Just Sherman and write more history/culture related posts. Also there is a write up on artist Raymond Watson as he finishes up his piece for mounting at the Simón Bolívar center. I think that’s all the unfinished posts that I will be cleaning up and posting in the coming days/weeks. Now my question to you is why don’t you hold me more accountable when my mind wonder’s away like a flock of sheep and there are no posts here huh?

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