Friday, October 22, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Not to Trust Water in the Street

Not to be ungrateful for the rain but if you are a pedestrian, Kingston is one really nasty place to be when it rains. What’s worst is if you happen to get caught Downtown Kingston in slippers or the unthinkable, getting splashed by some inconsiderate driver. Here are my top five reasons why you should never get caught downtown in the rain.

5. Usually when it rains the earth looks refreshed and new. There is crispness about the air and the earth shows you that yes I am happy for the rain. This is not the case in Kingston. Instead of green and happy there is a putrid gray that looms over the entire area and everywhere you walk you think oh god this is so nasty.  

4. Every pool of water is a guaranteed cocktail of the nastiest germs ever. If it happens to touch your skin no matter if you bath in bleach, peroxide and hospital strength alcohol you are going to get some sort of skin infection.

3.  At some point in our history some people got together and decided that to use trash receptacles; were no longer where trash goes. As a result you find everything depending on the street from baby diapers to juice bottles all over the street. What is funny is the trash bin will be completely empty while around it is full of garbage. When it rains guess what gets mixed with that lovely rain water?

2. Some men are so NASTY they relieve themselves in every corner they find now if this corner has the pungent aroma of ammonia and sometimes fecal matter on DRY DAYS what do you think is in this run off from this same corner.

1.  One rule of thumb when dealing with bodies of water in Kingston is to take it for granted that this is sewage water. I know it might look clean and you might think it’s just a broken main or run off from this rain we are having but TRUST ME, if it didn’t start out as sewage water it got mixed with sewage water therefore you guessed it, its sewage water. 

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