Monday, September 20, 2010

Bounty Killer Accused of Hitting Woman With Hammer

Sometimes I feel so alone, I just don't know, feels like I been down this road before, So lonely and cold, It's like something takes over me, Soon as I go home and close the door, Kinda feels like deja vu, I wanna get away from this place I do, But I can't and I won't say I tried but I know that's a lie cause I don't And why I just don't know...
Eminem Déjà vu

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer is again behind bars for assaulting a female companion at his Oakland Apartment on Saturday September 18, 2010. According to a statement from Deputy Superintendent Altermonth Campbell from the Constant Spring Police Station, “Mr. Rodney Price was arrested after a female covered with bruises reported that he (Bounty Killer) had used a hammer to beat her.”

DSP Campbell says from his experience and based on a trend, he believes some entertainers are having problems handling success. "I truly believe success is their problem,"

DSP Campbell said. In speaking specifically to the allegations about the 'Warlord', Campbell said; "Bounty is not a fool, for years he has been doing good songs so he is not a fool."

Killer will remain behind bars until his court date this Wednesday the 22 of September.
The incident comes approximately six months after Bounty Killer spent two weeks behind bars, after he was arrested by the same Constant Spring police for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The complainant, Kadeem Baker, eventually dropped her claims against him.

I had a dog name Hitman Wally and it learned not to shit in the house, and he is the DUMBEST dog in the world. Now if a dumbass like Hitman Wally can learn not to shit where he sleeps, why is it so hard for Rodney Price to learn that slapping around females is just not Kosher? Also does Bounty Killer have to kill one of these women before they learn not to pursue a ‘relationship’ with this serial abuser? Or maybe 19 stitches is now a groupie Medal of Honour?

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