Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stacious vs. Lisa Hype

Sometime last week … I don’t care when Stacious drops this song Head which although she says it has nothing to do with Lisa Hype and her secure position at the Head of the Gaza class it does draw reference to a certain picture circulating the internet. However to the Gaza First Lady them’s fighting words. Thus the sweet stinking garbage you have been blessed with below, to be honest one can think of a million different ways to waste time than to listen these songs. But if you insist on said assault to your ears and what remaining brain cells left below are all four songs released by these lovely young women. Enjoy ^_^


  1. lol@ lisa hype. she's wack. love stacious, plus lisa hypes comebacks/diss were pretty weak. just a pretty likkle brownin pon top

  2. Stacious no bother talk coz ghandi trow u out of his house a south boro because u a suck too much hood, duty brockie movado soon find out say is a bitch him take for is 1st lady, u a fuck from u a 11, u fuck mad cobra n red rat