Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beenie Man Apologise for Homophobic Lyrics

Dancehall/Reggae artiste Beenie Man has offered apologies for his homophobic lyrics and claim to be “misunderstood” by groups who classify Dancehall as “Murder Music”. The (self-proclaimed and recently fake crowned- eye roll until Yellowman is dead) King of the Dancehall was dropped from the upcoming 2010 Big Day Out Music Festival’s lineup due to aggravation by various gay rights groups.

In an email sent out Nov. 17, 2009 Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis A.K.A. Betweenie Man (according to Bounty Killa), stated that his offending lyrics where he calls for the death of homosexuals were written

"at a point in my life when I younger and was seeing a lot of exploitation of poor and defenceless young boys in the garrison - where I too was born - by rich men. When I wrote the lyrics boys were raped and murdered often - even recently a nine-year-old went to buy cigarettes for a man, came back and was raped and murdered. The act of sodomy was my concern when I wrote the song.

"I realise that those men were not gays, but were predators or paedophiles, which is not a common word in my dialect - hence the perception when generalising. I am older and realised the difference after,"

Beenie Man went on to say he was “heartbroken” when he heard that there was so much opposition to his appearance in New Zealand.

"In the past I offended others with offensive lyrics, I apologised then and now, I never took back my word. Our world is an interesting place filled with variety and we all have to respect others no matter what race, choices, culture or lifestyle. I am not a supporter of hatred and never was."

He concludes the email with a message for New Zealand and Australia: "Australia and New Zealand, please know that I am sincere and right now I am proposing peace, one world.... One Love regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and nationality."


  1. Good! Time for all o' them DJ yah fi man up!

  2. yeh rite Beenie jus fraid a pressure

  3. that was still quite a critical statement for simply being afraid of loosing gigs (which, however I'm sure he is). Beenie would be a much better candidate for coming out against dancehall-homophobia than Buju in many ways.

    Dancehall Queen is also the closest thing to a gay ragga jam that exists. anyone else remember his Ru Paul show visit from the 90's????:

  4. At best I thought it was insincere totally understand but whatever it takes to get shows I guess at the same time it does affect how ppl view him and should you trust his word. But then its Beenie man so what do you expect. I heard him on Fame today (18/11/09) saying he didn’t offer an apology. I think the world is more than tired of artists being hypocrites in the business.

    Yeah Rizzla i rem the Ru Paul stop he made with Chevelle Franklin ^_^ but i think he would soon have us forget all about it. Very tempted to post it more time.... think i might

  5. man up...chu. yuh rasss

  6. bad man dont apologize to no batty bwoyy

  7. Fake ass fuckin' Beekini man! Tired of deez two faced people that say one ting and do another. Everybody knows the more you hate gays the chances you are gay or have had gay feelings is highly likely. Stop bein' an asshole and talkin' shit Beenie or just come the fuck out the closet. You're half way out according to your RuPaul performance.

  8. So what's the consensus then?

    Is he just a bullshitting backwards bigot or reformed righteous one-world-lovin freedom-fighter?

    Seems unclear to me.