Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long Live the King

There was much elation at the Weekendz bar last Saturday May 2, 2009 when Poor and Boasy was crowned King of the Dancehall in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition. It didn’t come as much of a surprise, he was the crowd favourite from the start. Yes there were times when he fell off, but for the most part he gave very consistent performances over the life of the competition. Coming from much hardship being a ‘Street yute’ he presented us with the ultimate Cinderella story. He is easy on the eyes and talented so he made it easy for us to romanticize the situation and to some extent be romanced by the idea of him. He gave the streets a face and a very powerful voice. It’s no longer okay to ignore the children of the ‘red, amber and green’. No longer okay for us to sit in our nicely air conditioned rides as the sun abuses the asphalt to present them only with a mirage of a better day that for most will never come. “Some one should do something about that” “Why don’t they go find work/go back to school?” Whatever the case we are very content with ourselves until the next stoplight. Because no matter how much our spirit is disturbed, no matter how much the thought of helping our brothers and sisters less fortunate, it is always some one else’s problem.

Along with his kingly raiment-his robe, his crown, his ring - bestowed to him by the last year’s Queen Baby Tash, the symbolic trappings he received helps with the production of his first single and music video. Without a doubt that is the easiest part of his dowry. Already his writing style thus far is very upbeat and catchy. He’ll definitely create some earworms that go further on the chart than his predecessors have managed to get. Will he be able to cross over? Only time will tell, depending on how much and the quality of grooming he receives. Already his swagger is being compared to early Gargamel/Buju, right now there is no higher honor.

Amid the Poor and Boasy hysteria, patrons banged on any and everything they could find, eventually they tore down a whole part of the wall facing the road. They shouted his name and catch phrase, which made such an unholy noise it made one wonder if the earth would suddenly open to swallow all who stood there. So much emotion wrecked his face it was hard to fathom what was in his heart, which seemed to be quite possibly one of the happiest and most overwhelming moments in his life to date. Yet our society would not allow him the simple release of one tear to roll down his cheek. It was easy to get caught up in the waves of happiness and delight. But for me what crept in was concern and sympathy, the burden of $1,000,000JMD in a recession would not go too far. Couple that with the host of ‘latchers ons’ and ‘fren-emies’ this sudden fame and fortune brings my only hope is he finds some one or something to keep him grounded.

Tikki was crowned Queen by last year’s king Singer Jah. While not my favorite (Destiny) I am sure she will do well or hopefully better than last year’s winner Baby Tash.

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